Drip Irrigation Fittings

Global Irrigation, Inc. specializes in Drip Irrigation Fittings for most ¼", ½", and ¾" tubing in the industry. It's our focus to supply the most durable and easy-to-use fittings for most irrigation applications. Whether you need couplers to extend the lines in the field or adapters to transfer the existing systems to Drip Irrigation systems, we offer various selections for choice. If you are interested in knowing our products, please contact us. We will be glad to help you to select the products you need.
  • Loc Fitting - SLF700-C
    SLF700-C : Loc Fitting
    • 0.700" to 0.730" O.D. Poly Tubing Coupler.
    • Spiral-lock sleeves secure poly tubing.
    • No ratchet clamp needed, efficient and Stable.
    • Simply push the poly tubing over the exposing barb and turn the locking sleeve toward the tubing to “lock" it in place.
    • Easiest-to-use fitting for Poly tubing. No need to use great force.
    • Both Spiral-lock Fittings and poly tubing are Reusable. To reuse, simply turn the locking sleeves away from the tubing and wiggle the tubing from the barb.
    • SLF (Spiral-Lock Fittings) Series Spec is as below
      SLF 700: Fit OD 0.700" to 0.730" Poly Tube/ ID Accept 0.590" to 0.690" /
      SLF 900: Fit OD 0.900" to 0.950" Poly Tube / ID Accept 0.790" to 0.845"
    • Different Fitting configurations are also available in SLF series.
    • Coupler, Tee, Elbow, w/ Lay Flat Connector, w/ Male NHT or NPT, w/ End Cap, w/ Air Release Valve, w/ Female Hose Swivel, Swivel Tee w/ Standard Washer, w/ Valve…etc.
  • Lock Fitting - LF565-C
    LF565-C : Lock Fitting
    Spiral-Lock Fittings

    • Lock Fitting – Poly Tube Coupler, 0.565" to 0.630" I.D. Acceptable.
    • Lock Sleeves Secure Poly Tubing and No Ratchet Clamp Needed.
    • LF (Lock Fittings) Series Spec is as below come with 2 sizes:
      LF 565 - Acceptable Poly Tubing I.D. From 0.565" to 0.630"
      LF 785 - Acceptable Poly Tubing I.D. From 0.780" to 0.820"
    • Also available in NHT Swivel Faucet Connector configuration.
  • Insert Fittings - F343
    F343 : Insert Fittings
    Insert Fittings (F Series)

    • 0.565" I.D. (16mm) Poly Tube Insert Coupler.
    • Insert Fittings and use with Ratchet Clamp.
    • F (Insert Fittings) Series Fitting Size is as follows:
      F343/F333: For Nominal Tubing Size 16mm - Acceptable Poly Tubing I.D. 0.565" to 0.630"
      F363/F334: For Nominal Tubing Size 20mm - Acceptable Poly Tubing I.D. 0.780" to 0.820"
    • Insert Fitting with NHT Swivel Faucet Connector (our part No. F333/F334) comes with standard washer or with optional Screen Washer 60/50 and 30/30 mesh.
  • Lock Fittings - GLC-16
    GLC-16 : Lock Fittings
    Global Lock Fittings

    • 16mm (0.700") Global Lock Coupling.
    • Secure 16mm (0.700") Polyethylene Tubing with Our Special Feature Global Lock Ring & No Ratchet Clamp needed.
    • Global Lock Coupler (GLC) is so efficient to use. First, make sure the tubings have a clean cut surface. Firmly wiggle the two sections of tubing over the barbs and all the way through the ring lock locations. Then gently pull away the two inserted tubing sections. Then the lock rings will also be pulled to their locking positions to secure the positions.
    • Efficient and Easy to Install, Remove and Reuse. Fittings Grip Tighter as Tension Increase.
    • GL-16 series fits nominal 0.700"/16mm Polyethylene tubing (Accept I.D. from 0.550" to 0.620", O.D. from 0.660" to 0.720")
    • Different fitting configurations are also available in GL (Global Lock) Series.
      Lock Coupling (Our Product No. GLC-16)
      Lock Elbow (Our Product No. GLE-16)
      Lock Tee (Our Product No. GLT-16)
      Female Hose Swivel Tee (Our Product No. GLST-16)
      Lock x Female Hose Swivel (Our Product No. GLFS-16)
      Lock x 3/4" MHT (Our Product No. GLMH-16)
      Lock w/ Hose End Cap (Our Product No. GLEC-16)
      Lock Replacement Ring (Our Product No. GLR-16)
    • Larger size for .900 Poly Tubing (GLC-22) coming soon. Call to ask!
  • Barbed Insert Fittings - BC-16
    BC-16 : Barbed Insert Fittings
    • 16mm Barbed Insert Coupler fits 0.520" to 0.580" I.D. Poly tubing.
    • Barbed Insert Fitting, B Series, also come with below specifications.
      17mm Barbed Insert Coupler fits 0.560" to 0.620" I.D (Product No BC-17)
      20mm Barbed Insert Coupler fits 0.680" to 0.720" I.D (Product No BC-20)
    • No Ratchet Clamp needed when used under 50 PSI Sharp-edged Barbs Create Secured Seal.
    • 17mm Barbed Insert Fitting series also offer different fitting configurations, such as Elbow, Tee, adaptor Tee with 1/2 or 3/4 NPT.
  • Barb Fittings - NC-17
    NC-17 : Barb Fittings
    Brown 17 mm Insert Barbed Fittings

    • (N Series) New Brown 17 mm Insert Barbed Fittings to match the brown colored tubing and mulch used in landscape design.
    • Our new brown 17 mm barbed fittings can go with most common brown color 17 mm tubing in the market.
    • Acceptable tubing size for 17mm: 0.56" - 0.60" Inside Diameter.
    • Maximum recommended system pressure (without clamps): 50 psi
    • Second barb for additional dripline grip.
    • Fittings could be reused easily by cutting the tubing at the “cutting groove" on the second barb
    • This series come in several configurations: Insert Coupler (NC-17), Tee (NT-17), Elbow (NL-17), Tee with 1/2" Male Pipe Thread Adapter (NT-17-12), and Straight 1/2" Male Pipe Thread Adapter (NA-17-12).
  • Micro Fittings - C-25
    C-25 : Micro Fittings
    1/4" Micro Fittings

    • Connector (Barb x Barb) for 1/4" micro tubing.
    • C-25 accept 1/4" Polyethylene Tubing (0.170" or 4mm ID) and 1/4" Vinyl tubing (4mm ID) .
    • Also available with shorter vision (Product No. C25S), as above image.
    • It is the essential components in low pressure micro irrigation systems and used in conjunction with standard low pressure tubing.
    • Common connector to attach 1/4" tubing to mainline.
    • By using longer body and tapered ends make this 1/4" transfer barb easier to handle than the regular transfer barb.
    • Great for landscaping, home gardens, glasshouses and hanging baskets.
  • Compression Fittings - CPC710
    CPC710 : Compression Fittings
    • Compression Fitting Coupler used for .700 Poly Tubing.
    • CP (Compression) Series Fitting Size (used for Tubing O.D.) is as below
      600 Series – fits 0.600" to 0.630" O.D. (Green)
      700 Series – fits 0.680" to 0.710" O.D. (Black)
      710 Series – fits 0.690" to 0.720" O.D. (Blue)
      800 Series – fits 0.820" to 0.830" O.D. (Black)
      900 Series – fits 0.925" to 0.940" O.D. (Gray)
      1000 Series – fits 1.170" to 1.174" O.D. (Black)
    • Compression Fittings Fits Poly tubing from Outside diameter and does not reduce tubing inner diameter and thus not reduce water flow .
    • When water pressure is on, the poly tubing expands, creating a secured seal.
    • Different configurations are also available in CP Series Coupler, Elbow, Tee, End with Cap, End with Air Release Valve, Male Hose End, Tee x 3/4" MHT, Adapter x 1/2" FPT, Elbow x 1/2" FPT, Tee x 1/2" FPT, Swivel Adapter 3/4" FHT, Swivel Elbow 3/4" FHT, Swivel Tee x 3/4" FHT
  • PVC Pipe Fittings - MHA-34
    MHA-34 : PVC Pipe Fittings
    • 3/4" Male Hose Adapter x 3/4" Socket or 1" Spigot (PVC).
    • Versatile PVC Pipe fittings & Adapter available in different configurations:
      FHS-34S – 3/4" Female Hose Swivel x 3/4" Socket or 1" Spigot (PVC)
      FHS-12S – 3/4" Female Hose Swivel x 1/2" Socket or 3/4" Spigot (PVC)
      FHS-34MP – 3/4" Female Hose Swivel x 3/4" Male Pipe Thread
      FHS-12MP –3/4" Female Hose Swivel x 1/2" Male Pipe Thread
      MHA-34MP – 3/4" Male Hose Adapter x 3/4" Male Pipe Thread (PVC)
      MHA-12MP – 3/4" Male Hose Adapter x 1/2" Male Pipe Thread (PVC)
      MHA-100 –3/4" Male Hose Adapter x 1" Socket (PVC)
      MHA-34 –3/4" Male Hose Adapter x 3/4" Socket or 1" Spigot (PVC)
      MHA-12 –3/4" Male Hose Adapter x 1/2" Socket or 3/4" Spigot (PVC)
      MHL-34 –3/4" Male Hose Elbow x 3/4" Socket or 1" Spigot (PVC)
      MHL-12 –3/4" Male Hose Elbow x 1/2" Socket or 3/4" Spigot (PVC)
  • Quick Acting Valve - QAVB-600
    QAVB-600 : Quick Acting Valve
    Quick Action Valve with Barb

    • Quick Action Valve Barb x Barb, fits 0.500 - 0.530 I.D. tubing.
    • Used to connect two sections of tubing with a built-in flow control valve.
    • Easy control on and off water flow.
    • Easy identification of water flow control.
      When water is opened, the Quick Action Valve is parallel to the line.
      When water is closed, the Quick Action Valve is perpendicular to the line.
    • Quality barbed creates secure and leak-free seal. No clamp is required.
    • Commonly used in diverting and controlling water flow to the secondary water zone.
    • Acceptable Tubing I.D. Specifications are as below.
      0.350" - 0.380" (QAVB-450)
      0.500" - 0.530" (QAVB-600)
      0.580" - 0.600" (QAVB-700)
      0.700" - 0.720" (QAVB-800)
    • Also available in different configurations:
    • Quick Action Valve Compression x Compression for 4 sizes of Poly tubing (Product No. QAVC-600/700/800/900)
  • Funny Pipe Fittings - 1054N
    1054N : Funny Pipe Fittings
    • 1/2" Marlex Street Elbow 90 Degree for Funny Pipe (1/2" Female Pipe Thread x 1/2" Male Pipe Thread).
    • Versatile Barbed fittings used on Funny Pipe or riser flex pipe.
    • No glue or clamps required.
    • Available Funny Pipe Fitting configurations are below
      1019 - Funny Pipe Tee x 3/4" MPT
      1018 – Funny Pipe Tee x 1/2" MPT
      1020 – Funny Pipe Tee
      1021 - Funny Pipe Connector
      1023 - 3/4" MPT x Funny Pipe Adapter
      1022 – 1/2" MPT x Funny Pipe Adapter
      1026 – 3/4" MPT x Funny Pipe Elbow 90 Degree
      1024 - 1/2" MPT x Funny Pipe Elbow 90 Degree
      1025 - 1/2" FPT x Funny Pipe Elbow 90 Degree
      1054N – 1/2" FPT x 1/2" MPT, Elbow 90 Degree
      1055 - 1/2" FPT x 3/4" MPT, Elbow 90 Degree
      1056 - 3/4" FPT x 3/4" MPT, Elbow 90 Degree
      1058 - 1" FPT x 1" MPT, Elbow 90 Degree
  • Sprinkler Riser Adapter - 9115A
    9115A : Sprinkler Riser Adapter
    Poly Riser Extenders

    • 1/2" FPT (Female Pipe Thread) Inlet x 1/2" MPT (Male Pipe Thread) Riser Adapter with 1/4" Barbed branch Outlet.
    • Connect 1/4" tubing to existing 1/2" underground sprinkler riser.
    • Use the 1/4" barbed outlet to connect to various types of micro emission devices to irrigate flower baskets, landscape boxes, or areas not covered by the existing sprinkler head.
    • An easy way to incorporate low-volume drip system to the existing sprinkler system.
  • Spray Adapter - 2411
    2411 : Spray Adapter
    Retrofit Micro Spray Adapter

    • Micro Spray Adapter, 1/2" FPT (Female Pipe Thread) Inlet x #10-32 FNFT Outlet.
    • Used to connect low-flow emission devices to 1/2" MPT sprinkler risers.
    • Good for sprinkler-to-drip retrofit projects.
    • Available configurations are as below
      2411 - Micro Spray Adapter, 1/2" FPT Inlet x #10-32 FNFT Outlet
      2413 - Micro Spray Adapter, 1/2" FPT Inlet x 1/8" FPT Outlet
      2414 - Micro Spray Adapter, 1/2" FPT Inlet x Outlet to accept 1/4" barb
  • Micro Irrigation Manifold - MPM6-25C
    MPM6-25C : Micro Irrigation Manifold
    Retrofit Multi-Outlet Manifold

    • Multi-Port Manifold Complete Set (Includes Body, Filter, and Plugs).
    • 6 Individual Barbed Outlets for 1/4" Micro Tubing with 1/2" Female Pipe Threaded Inlet.
    • Accept 1/4" (4mm ID) Micro-tubing to connect to & emitters, micro-bubblers or micro-sprayers.
    • An economical way to retrofit and convert an existing underground irrigation sprinkler to efficient, low-flow drip system.
    • The built-in filter to help keep debris from clogging the drippers.
    • 6 Plugs can conveniently stop the water flow when not in use.
    • Ideal for watering containers, mixed planting areas or landscape.
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