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Global Irrigation, Inc. specializes in providing professional-grade fittings for Drip Tape Irrigation connections. Our drip tape fitting line is so durable and easy to clean that makes it to be our number one selling line. Our unique design of drip tape fittings can also be used with both seamed and seamless drip tapes. Our drip tape fittings come in 2 sizes, for 5/8" and 7/8" tape connections. For further product inquiry, please contact us. We will be glad to assist you further.
  • Drip Tape Coupler - TL7-C
    TL7-C : Drip Tape Coupler
    Twist-Lock Tape Coupler

    • Twist-Lock 7/8" (22mm I.D.) Tape Coupler
    • Our best seller tape coupler, used to connect to two sections of 7/8" drip tapes.
    • Easy cleaning ever! Just shake off the dirt!
      Our Twist-Lock Tape Coupler has a characteristic that the dirt doesn’t easily get onto the fitting, making Global's Twist-Lock Tape Coupler an ideal choice for above ground and buried applications!
    • A low cost maintenance choice when repairing tapes.
      Simply cut off the problematic section and use a tape coupler to connect to the remaining usable tapes.
    • No tool is necessary. Simply push the tape over the two barbed ends and hand-tighten the twist nut for a secure fit.
    • All parts are reusable. When Twist-Lock Tape Coupler is used, it only uses the twist nut to tighten "over" the tape without cutting the tapes through.
      To remove it from the line, simply loosen the twist nut and pull the tapes off.
    • UV resistant material makes it reliable to use in the field.
    • Thread for easy assembly.
    • TL (Twist-Lock Fitting) Series are designed for use with drip tape and with a variety of ranges for your needs.
    • Available in two sizes:
      To connect to 5/8" tapes (16mm I.D.): Our part no. TL5-C
      To connect to 7/8" tapes (22mm I.D.): Our part no. TL7-C
  • Drip Tape Fittings - TL5A-B250
    TL5A-B250 : Drip Tape Fittings
    Twist Lock Adapter 5/8" x 250 series barb

    • Twist Lock Adapter 5/8" (16mm) I.D. tape with 1/4" Barb.
    • An easy way to make your garden /field to a tape setting from poly tubing mainline.
    • The size of 250 series barb of this adapter is too large to fit directly into 1/4" poly tubing. It works as a take-off from poly tubing mainline.
    • Our Twist Lock Adapter 5/8" with a 250 series Barb end is used to connect 5/8" drip tape to mainline tubing. Punch a hole in the mainline tubing first. Connect the drip tape to the tape end of the adapter and inset the barb end into the punched hole of the mainline.
    • To use this drip tape connector:
      First, turn the twist nut counter-clockwise, insert the tape, and push the drip tape over the barb.
      Then turn the twist nut clockwise over the drip tape to secure the connection.
  • Drip Irrigation Adapter - TL7A-B700
    TL7A-B700 : Drip Irrigation Adapter
    Twist Lock Adapter 7/8" tape x 700 series barb

    • Twist Lock Adapter 7/8" (22mm) I.D. tape with 700 series Barb.
    • 7/8" drip tape takeoff from PVC pipe.
    • Easy installation as below:
      Step1: Drill 3/4" hole in the PVC Pipe.
      Step2: Insert the Grommet (our part No. G13) in the hole made in the PVC Pipe.
      Step3: Push 700 barb side of TL7A-B700 in the grommet.
      Step4: 7/8" Drip Tape can then be easily connected to the other side of adaptor with twist lock nut.
    • Reliable quality for use over seasons.
  • Take Off Adapter - TL5A-B450
    TL5A-B450 : Take Off Adapter
    Take-off Adapter for 5/8" Drip Tape x 450 Series Barb

    • 5/8" (16mm) drip tape take-off connector from PVC pipe with 450 series barb.
    • PVC takeoff for 5/8 Drip Tape. Installed with grommet (our part No. G8).
    • Easy to install and Reusable!
      Simply slip the 5/8" drip tape over the tape end of the adapter and turn the twist nut down to secure the connection.
    • Leaking-free Design! Our barb has a strong hold to prevent leaking.
    • Special wing design for easy handling.
    • Two barb sizes are available for 5/8" tape take-off:
      5/8" tape x .450 barb (Our product No. TL5A-B450) fits grommet for 5/8" hole (Our product No. G8)
      5/8" tape x .700 barb (Our product No. TL5A-B700) fits grommet for 3/4" hole (Our product No. G13)
  • Drip Tape Connectors - TL7A-S12
    TL7A-S12 : Drip Tape Connectors
    Twist Lock Adapter Tape Socket / Spigot

    • Twist Lock Adapter 7/8" (22mm) I.D. tape x 1/2" Socket / 3/4" Spigot.
    • This fitting is used to connect a line of drip tape directly to PVC pipe mainline.
    • It can be either glued onto 1/2" PVC pipe or into a 3/4" PVC fitting.
    • Commonly used in watering rows of crops by connecting rows of 7/8" (or 5/8") drip tapes to ½" or ¾" PVC pipes.
    • Simply turn the twist nut to loosen the tapes when needed.
    • Size options are as below:
      TL5A-S12 for Twist-Lock Adapter 5/8" Tape x 1/2" Socket / 3/4" Spigot
      TL7A-S12 for Twist-Lock Adapter 7/8" Tape x 1/2" Socket / 3/4" Spigot
      TL7A-S34 for Twist-Lock Adapter 7/8" Tape x 3/4" Socket / 1" Spigot
  • Drip Tape End Cap - TL5-EC
    TL5-EC : Drip Tape End Cap
    Twist-Lock Tape x MHT Adapter w/ End Cap

    • Twist-Lock 5/8" Tape Adapter with 3/4" Male Hose End Cap.
    • Twist Lock Fittings are designed for fitting both seamed and seamless drip Tapes.
    • For closing end of drip tape row.
    • To flush the lines, just turn off the cap when needed. Turn the cap back when flushing is done.
    • Available sizes:
      To end 5/8" or 16mm tape (our part no. TL5-EC)
      To end 7/8" or 22mm tape (our part no. TL7-EC)
  • Drip Tape Irrigation Fittings - TL5A-LF
    TL5A-LF : Drip Tape Irrigation Fittings
    Twist Lock Adapter Tape x Lay Flat

    • Twist Lock Adapter Tape 5/8" x Lay Flat.
    • Reliable connector for the drip line to the vinyl lay flat hose sub-mainline (header line)
    • Requires Layflat cutter and insertion tool to insert the tear drop to the hose and turn the sleeve down to secure the lock. Then insert the drip tape to the tape end of the adapter and turn the twist nut to make a tight lock.
    • Commonly used for commercial farmers to set out tapes on rows of crops.
    • Available to fit two sizes of tapes:
      Connect to 5/8" drip tape: (our part no. TL5A-LF)
      Connect to 7/8" drip tape: (our part no. TL7A-LF)
  • Drip Tape Irrigation Supplies - TL7AV-LF
    TL7AV-LF : Drip Tape Irrigation Supplies
    Twist Lock Adapter Tape x Lay Flat, w/ Valve

    • Twist Lock Adapter 7/8" Tape x Lay Flat, with a Quick Action Valve
    • Commonly used in the beginning of the line.
      A built-in quick action valve allows individual control over watering on/off each row of crops.
    • To install, use lay flat cutter and insert tool to insert the tear drop end of the adapter to the lay flat hose. Then push the tape over the barbed end of the adapter. Turn the twist nut to secure the connection.
    • Available to fit two tape sizes:
      5/8" tape (our part no. TL5AV-LF)
      7/8" tape (our part no. TL7AV-LF)
  • Drip Tape Valve - TL5AV-B450
    TL5AV-B450 : Drip Tape Valve
    Twist Lock Adapter 5/8 Tape x .450 Barb, w/ Valve

    • Twist-Lock Adapter 5/8" (16mm) Tape x 0.450 Barb, w/ Valve.
    • A build-in Quick Action Valve regulates or shuts off water flow of
    • individual drip lines without affecting others.
    • This fitting is used to connect drip tape to 1" or larger soft poly tubing
    • This adaptor could also be installed to PVC pipe with the optional grommet (our product No. G8)
      ■ Drill a 5/8" hole into PVC pipe
      ■ Insert grommet into the hole
      ■ Insert .450 barb into grommet
    • Fits well with all major brands of drip tapes.
    • Different sizes are available:
      5/8" (16mm) Tape with 0.450 and 0.700 Barb
      7/8" (22mm) Tape with 0.700 Barb
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