Garden Hose Shut-Off Valve

Global Irrigation, Inc. specializes in supplying durable Garden Hose Shut-Off Valve, a useful water-flow control adapter in all-purpose irrigation applications. We offer shut-off valve adapters for US standard Hose and Pipe connections, dual-line setting Y-connection, poly tubing connection, and micro tubing connection. For further product inquiry, please contact us. We will be glad to assist you further.
  • Garden Hose Shut Off Ball Valve - 422HL
    422HL : Garden Hose Shut Off Ball Valve
    Garden Hose Shut-Off Ball Valves – Single Line

    • Adding a shut-off to a hose end or faucet provides an easy way to control water flow with a twist of a switch.
    • ¾" FHT inlet x ¾" MHT outlet.
    • A shut-off valve allows control over individual lines in a garden.
    • Quick ¼ turn for complete on and off.
    • Deluxe single-line shut-off hose thread with double-seated washer.
    • A Long handle makes the control very easy to handle.
    • Also available in:
      * Short Handle (our part no. 422H) -
      Shut-off with short handle knob is suitable where space is limited. It prevents breaking from being kicked or stepped on accidentally.

      * Long Handle with Female Swivel Inlet (our part no. 422HL-S):
      Simply turn the female swivel to hand tight to any faucet or hose.
      Swivel inlet allows installer to position the handle at the desired location.
  • Shut Off Ball Valve - 422PL
    422PL : Shut Off Ball Valve
    Low Volume Shut-Off Ball Valves – Single Line (for pipe)

    • Deluxe single-line shut-off Pipe thread with double-seated washer and Orange long handle.
    • A simple on-off operation with a turn of the handle. A long handle makes manual control easier.
    • No tool is necessary. Handle tight the ball valve to make the water seal.
    • A shut-off ball valve gives control over partial irrigation zones or individual lines
    • ¾" FPT x ¾" MPT
    • Color Coding for easy identification of Hose or Pipe Thread Connection. (Black Handle – NHT, Orange Handle - NPT )
    • Available in:
      * Short handle knob: (our part no. 422P)
      * Long handle 3/4" (our part no.422PL)
      * Long handle with Female Swivel (our part no. 422PL-S)
  • Dual Outlet Shut Off Valve - 431
    431 : Dual Outlet Shut Off Valve
    Y Shut-Off Ball Valves (Dual line)

    • Plastic Y connector (Dual line) with double shut-off.
    • The dual-outlet ball valve allows connection of drip irrigation system and garden hose from one hose bib or faucet.
    • Each outlet has its own control valve so that each system can run independently or both systems can run simultaneously.
    • Simply hand tight the ball valve on the water source.
    • When the lever is inline with water flow direction, the ball valve is opened. When the lever is perpendicular to the water flow direction (as shown on picture), the ball valve is closed.
    • Available with a Swivel inlet (our part no. 431-S)
      Swivel connector allows positioning shut-off valve to desired direction and prevents hose kinks. New Improved Swivel design!
  • Quick Action Valve - QAVB-700
    QAVB-700 : Quick Action Valve
    Quick Action Valve on Barb x Barb Coupler

    • Quick Action Valve Barb x Barb fits 0.580 - 0.600 I.D. poly tubing.
    • A quick-action valve on a barb x barb gives direct on and off control over water flow for mainlines and lateral lines in irrigation systems.
    • When the Quick Action Valve is inline with the water flow direction, the valve is open.
      When the Quick Action Valve is perpendicular to the water flow direction, the valve is closed.
    • Also available with different barb sizes. Acceptable poly tubing is as below:
      For 450 tubing, fits ID 0.350" - 0.380" (our part no. QAVB-450)
      For 600 tubing, fits ID 0.500" - 0.530" (our part no. QAVB-600)
      For 700 tubing, fits ID 0.580" - 0.600" (our part no. QAVB-700)
      For 800 tubing, fits ID 0.700" - 0.720" (our part no. QAVB-800)
  • Micro Flow Valve - VAVT-06
    VAVT-06 : Micro Flow Valve
    Micro Adjust-Flow Valve

    • Micro Adjust-Flow Valve with #10-32 Thread on both ends.
    • Add a flow-control valve to adjust the water flow used in low pressure micro-spray irrigation systems.
    • It allows variable flow control by rotating the cap.
    • Make any mini-sprinkler or sprayer adjustable by inserting a 1/4" Micro Adjust-Flow Valve on a 1/4" line.
    • Can be used with Rigid Risers or 1/4" Soaker Dripline.
    • Available in:
      * ¼" barb x ¼" barb (our part no. VAVB-06):
      Commonly used on ¼" tubing for easy control water flow in the micro spray system.
      * #10-32 thread x #10-32 thread (our part no. VAVT-06):
      Easily installed on 12" stake (our part no. 2014) and installed between stake and Rigid Risers (our part no. RR6 for 6" Riser, RR8 for 8" Riser, RR12 for 12" Riser, RR18 for 18" Riser)

Garden Hose Shut-Off Valve

is a commercial-grade flow control adapter that is commonly used in most irrigation setting. We also pride ourselves on same-day shipping to ensure on-time delivery.
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