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Global Irrigation, Inc. specializes in carrying various types of Irrigation Drippers that are widely used in various irrigation applications. Our dripper selection includes but not limited to traditional take-apart flag emitters, cleanable button emitters, fixed button emitters, our one-of-the-kind cleanable inline flag emitters, and adjustable drippers or emitters. Our extensive selection of irrigation drippers enables customers to choose base on their functions, settings, and water requirements. Our drippers provide the efficiency that micro irrigation systems require. For further product inquiry, please contact us. We will be glad to assist you.
  • Flag Emitter - 603-16
    603-16 : Flag Emitter
    • Flag Emitter (aka Take-apart Emitter) with 1/4" barb inlet and 1/4" barb outlet.
    • Works very well with low-pressure gravity system.
    • The Barbed Inlet could be directly installed into the poly mainline or at the end of 1/4" tubing.
    • The side barbed outlet can be used to extend ¼" distribution tubing to the planting location.
    • Take apart construction for easy cleaning and inspection. Simply disassemble it by twisting and pulling out the flag to clean it.
    • Available in 5 Color coded flags to identify different flow rates (Tested @ 15 PSI)
      Gray Flag: 0.5 GPH (2 LPH)
      Black Flag: 1.0 GPH (4 LPH)
      Blue Flag: 2.0 GPH (8 LPH)
      Orange Flag: 3.0 GPH (12 LPH)
      Green Flag: 4.0 GPH (16 LPH)
    • With options of horizontal or vertical installation.
    • Widely used in agriculture vineyard, vegetables, closely spaced row crops, green houses and nurseries.
    • Recommended used with filter.
  • Inline Emitters - 605-02
    605-02 : Inline Emitters
    In-line Flag Emitter

    • Serviceable In-line Flag Emitter for 1/4" tubing.
    • Good for fruit orchards or unevenly spaced plants or large plants requiring multiple drippers around the trunk of the tree, to cover widespread root zone.
    • Holding Stake (our Part No. 2016) could be used to anchor the 1/4 line and in-line emitters in position. Flag Emitter (Our 603 Series) or goof plug (Our Part No. GP-2) could be used together at the end to close the 1/4" line.
    • No more clogging like other in-line emitters. Just wiggling the flag to open and clean.
    • Easy to clean even with tubing is still in setting. No need to cut the line for re-positioning.
    • Available in 3 Color-coded flags to identify different flow rates.
      605-02 (Grey Flag): 0.5 GPH (2 LPH)
      605-04 (Black Flag): 1.0 GPH (4 LPH)
      605-08 (Blue Flag): 2.0 GPH (8 LPH)
  • Irrigation Emitters - GE-8+
    GE-8+ : Irrigation Emitters
    Global Emitters

    • Global Emitter (GE) is a serviceable, non-pressure compensating button emitter.
    • Barbed Inlet for installing into the end of 1/4" distribution tubing or direct insertion to the side of ½" or ¾" mainline.
    • Serviceable construction makes cleaning and inspection very easy.
    • Color coded to identify different flow rates.
      Yellow: 0.5GPH (2 LPH)
      Black: 1.0GPH (4LPH)
      Blue: 2.0GPH (8LPH)
    • Economical and reliable.
    • Large cap size makes it very easy to handle in the field.
    • Commonly used in pots, planters, young trees, and nursery.
  • Pressure Compensating Emitters - PCE-2+
    PCE-2+ : Pressure Compensating Emitters
    • Pressure Compensating Emitters (PCE) release water at a uniform rate over a wide range of pressures.
    • New construction creates consistent turbulent flow to reduce clogging situation.
    • Removable large cap makes cleaning very easy.
    • Ideal solution for pressure change from long drip tubing run and elevation change.
    • Barbed Inlet for installing into 1/4" distribution tubing or on the side of 1/2" or 3/4" mainline.
    • Widely used in landscapes, nurseries, gardens, orchards, and greenhouse.
    • Available in 3 flow rates, identified by 3 Color-coded caps.
      Yellow: 0.5GPH (2 LPH)
      Black: 1.0GPH (4LPH)
      Blue: 2.0GPH (8LPH)
  • Button Dripper - BE-4
    BE-4 : Button Dripper
    • Economical Button Emitter with a Barbed Inlet at 4 LPH (1 GPH) Flow Rate 1/4 Barbed inlet is to be attached to the end of ¼" distribution tubing or directly into 1/2" or ¾" mainline tubing.
    • Commonly used in orchards, and nurseries.
    • Button shape design. Simply push it directly onto the Poly mainline.
    • Available in 3 flow rates, identified by 3 Color-coded barbs (Flow rate at 20 PSI).
      BE-2 (Yellow): 0.5 GPH (2 LPH)
      BE-4 (Black): 1.0 GPH (4 LPH)
      BE-8 (Blue): 2.0 GPH (8 LPH)
    • Recommended minimum filtration: 120 mesh.
  • Adjustable Drippers - ASE-4
    ASE-4 : Adjustable Drippers
    • Adjustable drippers. Water output can be adjusted by a turn of the cap (shown as above photos).
    • Barbed for installing into 1/4" tubing or on the side of 1/2" Poly tubing.
    • Could be completely shut-off.
    • Its "turn and adjust" feature allows users to slightly turn it open for extremely small amount of water output (less then 1GPH) when needed. Water could be applied slowly, over a long period, to penetrate the root zone for drought tolerant plants.
    • Flexible and Easy to use. Instead of installing different flow-rate emitters for different plants, users can install these Adjustable Emitters on the same dripline for different plants with different water requirements.
    • A good add-on to a drip irrigation kit for beginners. Its "turn and adjust" flexibility allows trial and error to reach the appropriate water output for the plants. Just adjust and no need to change emitters or even the whole system.
    • Take apart construction for easy cleaning and inspection.
    • Color coded to identify different range of flow rate.
      ASE-4 (Green): 0-1 GPH (0-4 LPH).
      ASE-8 (Black): 0-2.5 GPH (0-8 LPH).
  • Irrigation Bubblers - AS-MB6
    AS-MB6 : Irrigation Bubblers
    Adjustable Stream Flow 360 Degree Mini-Bubblers on a 6" Stake
    • Adjustable Multi-Stream Bubbler on 6" Stake, Barbed Inlet.
    • Finger-tip flow control with fully shut-off operation.
    • Stake configuration to be anchored down in soil or container.
    • Adjustable flow rate from 0-10 GPH, Diameter 0-3 feet @ 20PSI.
    • Available in 2 Spray Patterns: 8 Streams on full circle or 5 streams on half circle.
    • Color coded caps to identify Flow patterns (Black cap for 360 Degree spray pattern and Grey cap for 180 Degree spray pattern).
    • Ideal for hanging baskets, pots, landscaped gardens and nurseries.
    • Available configurations are as below
      √ 4mm Barbed Inlet:
      360 degree (our part No. AS-MBB), Black
      180 degree (our part No. AS-MBHB), Grey
      √ #10-32 Threaded Inlet:
      360 degree (our part No. AS-MBT), Black
      180 degree (our part No. AS-MBHT), Grey
      √ 1/2" FPT Adapter: 360 degree only (our part No. AS-MBA), Black
  • Irrigation Bubbler - AS-FB6
    AS-FB6 : Irrigation Bubbler
    Adjustable Mini Flood Bubbler on a 6" stake

    • Adjustable Mini Flood Bubbler on a 6" stake, with a Barbed Inlet.
    • Our new Mini Flood Bubbler provides a gentle umbrella watering pattern.
    • Adjustable flow rates from 0-24 GPH (0-90 LPH), Diameter 0-14 feet @ 25PSI.
    • Flow rate and coverage area can be adjusted by rotating the top unit.
    • Easy to clean by completely unscrewing cap from base unit. No tool is necessary.
    • Available in 4 convenient configurations
      √ On 6" stake, barb Inlet (our part No. AS-FB6).
      √ With a 10-32 self-tapping Thread Inlet (our part No. AS-FBT).
      √ With a 1/4" Barb Inlet (our part No. AS-FBB).
      √ With a 1/2" FPT Inlet adapter (our part No. AS-FBA).
    • This new designed Mini Flood Bubbler prevents watering the unwanted area. Ideal for street trees, pots, shrubs and landscape applications.
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