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Global Irrigation, Inc. specializes in Irrigation Filters that are commonly used in home garden, commercial landscape, and agriculture applications. Our filters are all made by durable plastic, and are UV and heat resistance. Our standard mesh screen is 150-mesh, which is the most common requirement for drip irrigation systems. We have standard Y type for ¾" and 1" connection, straight in-line filter for ¾" connection, and smaller Tee type for ¾" connector, the best choice when space is tight.
  • Irrigation Screen Filter - 1903-34P
    1903-34P : Irrigation Screen Filter
    Screen Y Filters

    • Y Filters, 3/4" Male NPT Housing with 150 Mesh
    • All-purpose screen Y filters remove debris and particles from the irrigation system and also protect the emitters, sprayers, and driplines from clogging.
    • Typically installed between irrigation control valve and pressure regulator.
    • Screens can be removed from the filter housing for easy cleaning when needed.
    • Proper water filtration and periodically screen cleaning can result in a more efficient irrigation system.
    • Available with flush cap or flush valve (our part No. 422HL) to easily flush out the particles trapped in the bottom of filter.
    • Most drip irrigation system required using 120- 150 mesh screens, while some specifically require 200-mesh for finer filtration.
    • Interchangeable replacement screens: Stainless steel screen in 150-mesh (our part No. 930-SS), Polyester screen in 150-mesh (our part No. 930-RS), Polyester screen in 200-mesh (our part No. 930-RS-200)
    • Flow Rate: up to 10 GPM / Operating pressure: up to 75 PSI
    • Available in several specs:
    → 3/4" Male NPT inlet and outlet (our part No.1903-34P for poly 150-mesh screen/ 1903S-34P for 150-mesh stainless steel screen)
    → 1" Male NPT inlet and outlet (our part No. 1903-100P for poly 150-mesh screen/ 1903S-100P for 150-mesh stainless steel screen)
    → 3/4"  Male Hose Thread inlet and outlet (our part No. 1903-34H for  poly 150-mesh screen/ 1903S-34H for 150-mesh stainless steel screen)
    → 3/4" Female Hose Thread Swivel inlet and ¾" Male Hose Thread outlet (our part No. 1903-34HS for poly 150-mesh screen): A female hose thread swivel inlet allows all-direction installation to the drip system.
    → Flush valve available: our part no. 1903V-34P for 3/4" Male NPT inlet and outlet. Our part no. 1903V-100P for 1" Male NPT inlet and outlet.
  • Irrigation Filter Screen - 903-RS
    903-RS : Irrigation Filter Screen
    Replacement Screen For Y Filters

    • Replacement Screen For Y Filters
    • Periodically cleaning out unwanted debris by removing screens from the filter body will keep the irrigation system more efficiently. Pull out the screen and clean with small nylon brush and water.
    • Screens have excellent resistance to most common chemicals.
    • Polyester Screen with 150 and 200 Mesh option (our part No. 903-RS and 903-RS-200)
    • Stainless Steel Screen is 150 Mesh (our part No. 903-SS)
    • 200 PCS/CASE
  • Inline Irrigation Filter - 9031
    9031 : Inline Irrigation Filter
    In-Line Filters & Accessories

    • In-Line Filter Housing (our part No. 9031-H) with 150 Mesh Poly Replacement Screen (our part No. 9031-RS) and Washer.
    • Inline Hose Filter is simple to use for small to medium gardens or irrigation systems.
    • Inline Hose Filter connects to any standard hose bib.
      (Note: For a hose bib that has a shorter thread, more than one washer may be needed to ensure the hose bib actually touching the washer to make a good seal.)
    • Maximum flow is 5 GPM / Operating pressure: up to 75 PSI
    • Spec: 3/4" Swivel FHT (Female Hose Thread) inlet x 3/4" MHT (Male Hose Thread) outlet
  • Drip Irrigation Filter - 903T
    903T : Drip Irrigation Filter
    Swivel Tee Filters & Accessories

    • 3/4" Swivel Tee Filters Housing (our part No. 903T-H) with 150 Mesh Poly Replacement Screen (our part No. 903T-RS)
    • This Swivel Tee-filter is a great filtration choice for a small irrigation system where space is limited.
    • It is installed on any hose bib. The female hose swivel inlet makes installation easy. Water comes into the Tee from female hose inlet, runs through the internal screen, and filtered water exits on the side of the tee where irrigation system connects.
    • A flush cap makes cleaning process very easy. Simply turn the cap off to let the dirt being flushed out and remove the internal screen to wash out any particles.
    • Interchangeable screens available: standard 150-mesh (our part No. 903T-RS/ black color) and 200-mesh for finer filtration requirement (our part No. 903T-RS-200/ orange color)
    • Spec: 3/4" Swivel FHT (Female Hose Thread) inlet x 3/4" MHT (Male Hose Thread) Outlet
We have a good selection of high-quality

Irrigation Filters

for different irrigation system settings and requirements. For certain irrigation settings that require even cleaner water output, we also have 200-mesh screen to offer. We pride ourselves on same-day shipping to ensure on-time delivery.
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