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Global Irrigation, Inc. specializes in carrying a great selection of Micro Sprayer that can be used for various watering applications. Our one-piece Micro Sprayer is very simple and efficient to use. Depending on the shape of the watering area, we also have 360-degree, 180-degree, 90-degree watering patterns to choose.
  • Drip Irrigation Sprayer - VS-360S
    VS-360S : Drip Irrigation Sprayer
    Adjustable Vortex Spray 360 Degree Mini-Bubblers with 6" Stake

    • Adjustable Vortex Spray 360 Degree on 6" Stake, with 1/4" Barbed Inlet.
    • Adjustable 0-24 GPH (0-89 LPH), Diameter of Spray Range 0-12 feet @ 25PSI
    • Simply turn the cap for the desired diameter and flow rate.
    • Reduce the wetting area when plants are smaller. As plants grow, turn the cap counter clock wise, and the spray coverage could be enlarged up to 12 feet in diameter at 25 PSI.
    • Fully shut off option.
    • Removable cap for easy cleaning.
    • Spike for positioning. A barb inlet on the side for conveniently connecting to 1/4" micro tubing.
    • Available configurations are as below
      √ 1/4" Barbed Inlet (our part No. VS-360B): attach to feeder and supply lines.
      √ #10-32 Threaded Inlet (our part No. VS-360T): install to rigid riser and stake.
      √ 1/2" FPT Adapter (our part No. VS-360A): directly install to riser pipe.
  • Spray Stakes - SS18-160H-BLK
    SS18-160H-BLK : Spray Stakes
    Stake Sprayers For 1/8" Poly Tubing

    • 5" Stake Sprayers For 1/8" (.125" ID x .187 OD) Poly Tubing
    • Commonly used on nursery tree boxes.
    • Simply push down the stake sprayer into the tree box or container while the 1/8" micro tubing is connected to the top of the sprayer. The water comes out from the groove of the stake sprayer.
    • When not in use, simply turn the Stake Sprayer upside down.
    • Side tab to indicate spray direction.
    • Recommended operating pressure: 15~25 PSI
    • Recommended filtration: 150 mesh
    • Color coded to identify different flow and spray degrees (flow at 20 PSI)
      SS18-160H-BLK   (Black)    160 Degree High Flow  (15.0 GPH, for 15-20 Gallon Pot)
      SS18-160M-DGN   (Green)    160 Degree Medium Flow  (11.4 GPH, for 5-15 Gallon Pot)
      SS18-160L-LGN   (Lt. Green) 160 Degree Low Flow  (6.6 GPH, for 2-7 Gallon Pot)
      SS18-160MN-ORG  (Orange)   160 Degree Mini Flow  (4.2 GPH, for 1-3 Gallon Pot)
      SS18-90L-BRN    (Brown)    90 Degree Low Flow  (6.6 GPH, for 2-7 Gallon Pot)
      SS18-90MN-GRY   (Grey)      90 Degree Mini Flow  (3.0 GPH, for 1-3 gallon Pot)
  • Spray Jets - SJ-04-180
    SJ-04-180 : Spray Jets
    One-Piece Spray Jets Half-Circle with 0.04" Orifice

    • One-Piece Spray Jet with 18 Degree Trajectory for Commercial and home garden use in a Low-Pressure Application
    • Economic – One-Piece Design
    • Easy Installation – Just Push In and Screw Tight to rigid risers.
    • Color coded spray jet for easy identification of different Orifice and Spray Radius:
      - 0.03" Orifice: Black color, 6.6 GPH at 20 PSI
      - 0.04" Orifice: Blue color, 10.9 GPH at 20 PSI
      - 0.05" Orifice: Green color, 17.5 GPH at 20 PSI
      - 90, 180, and 360 Degree spray patterns available
        Quarter-circle Spray/ 0.03" Orifice/ Black (our part No. SJ-03-90)
        Quarter-circle Spray / 0.04" Orifice/ Blue (our part No. SJ-04-90)
        Quarter-circle Spray / 0.05" Orifice/ Green (our part No. SJ-05-90)
        Half-circle Spray / 0.03" Orifice/ Black (our part No. SJ-03-180)
        Half-circle Spray / 0.04" Orifice/ Blue (our part No. SJ-04-180)
        Half-circle Spray / 0.05" Orifice/ Green (our part No. SJ-05-180)
        Full-circle Spray / 0.03" Orifice/ Black (our part No. SJ-03-360)
        Full-circle Spray / 0.04" Orifice/ Blue (our part No. SJ-04-360)
        Full-circle Spray / 0.05" Orifice/ Green (our part No. SJ-05-360)

  • Micro Spray Jets - SJ-04-180-FLAT
    SJ-04-180-FLAT : Micro Spray Jets
    Flat One-Piece Spray Jets - 0.09" Orifice

    • One-Piece Spray Jet with 0 Degree Trajectory
    • The standard #10-32 thread base can be installed to any rigid riser, stake, or ¼ tubing
    • These spray jets produce a flat spray to minimize water on foliage
    • Commonly used in landscape area and garden
    • 0.09" Orifice with 33 GPH at 20 PSI
    • Color coded nozzles (Orange, Black and Green) for different Spray Pattern identification
      90 degree/ Orange/ 9 FT radius (our part No. SJ-04-90 FLAT)
      180 degree/ Black/ 9 FT radius (our part No. SJ-04-180 FLAT)
      360 Degree/ Green/ 14 FT Diameter (our part No. SJ-04-360 FLAT)
  • Adjustable Jet - AJT-06H
    AJT-06H : Adjustable Jet
    Adjustable Jet 180 degree- with #10-32 Thread base

    • Adjustable Jet 180-degree spray pattern, with #10-32 Thread base.
    • A build in flow control valve allows complete shut-off option and flow/coverage adjustment.
    • Half-circle pattern is ideal for borders to avoid unwanted wetting area.
    • Pressure from 10 to 30 PSI, Maximum Flow from 16.3 to 28.8 GPH
    • Various Spray Pattern configurations are available:
      - Quarter-circle/ 90-degree fan spray pattern: our part no. AJT-06Q
      - Half-circle/ 180-degree fan spray pattern: our part no. AJT-06H
      - Full-circle / 360-degree finger spray pattern: our part no. AJT-06F
      - Misting/ fan spray from a center hole: our part no. AJT-06M
    • The misting jet is ideal for delicate plants, hanging baskets, and greenhouses. Recommended use with 200-mesh filter.
  • Micro Spray Jet - GJ-05-90
    GJ-05-90 : Micro Spray Jet
    Spray Jets - 0.05" Orifice with 90 Fan Spray

    • Pre-assembled from Global Jets (GJB) and spray pattern cap (GJC)
    • The pre-assembled Spray Jets produce fan-like 90-degree spray pattern.
    • Conveniently used onto stake or rigid riser for various watering application.
    • Specified as “GJ-05-90" (Spray Jet Base 0.05" Orifice and 90 Degree Fan Spray)
    • Bases for Flow Identification (03, 04, 05, 06, 07 and 08) refer to (0.035", 0.040", 0.050", 0.060", 0.070" and 0.080" Orifice)
    • Caps for Spray Pattern (90, 180, 360 and M) refer to (Quarter or Half-Circle Fan Spray, Full-Circle Hole Spray and Misting Spray)
    • MOQ – 1,000 assemblies (Advanced Order Only)
  • Micro Spray Jet Base - GJB-05
    GJB-05 : Micro Spray Jet Base
    Global Jet Bases - #10-32 Thread

    • Global Jet Bases for micro spray jet- with #10-32 Thread base
    • Counter part of Global Jet Cap (GJC)
    • Code for different Orifice size and flow (@25PSI)
      GJB-03: 0.035" Orifice, Flow 10.5 GPH (Brown Color)
      GJB-04: 0.040" Orifice, Flow 13.0 GPH (Blue Color)
      GJB-05: 0.050" Orifice, Flow 22.0 GPH (Green Color)
      GJB-06: 0.060" Orifice, Flow 30.0 GPH (Red Color)
      GJB-07: 0.070" Orifice, Flow 35.5 GPH (Orange Color)
      GJB-08: 0.080" Orifice, Flow 43.5 GPH (Gray Color)
  • Micro Sprayer Caps - GJC-M
    GJC-M : Micro Sprayer Caps
    Global Jet Caps – Misting Spray

    • Global Jet Caps with Misting Spray
    • Caps could be assembled with Global Jets (GJB) or Adjustable Jets (VAJT)
    • The Misting Spray is ideal for hanging baskets, delicate plants and greenhouses
    • Choices of various spray patterns are available:
      - 90-degree fan spray for corner coverage (our part no. GJC-90)
      - 180-degree fan spray for border or edge spray (our part no. GJC-180)
      - 360-degree finger spray for general coverage (our part no. GJC-360)
      - Misting spray for hanging basket and greenhouse application (our part no.. GJC-M)
    • With different configuration of 90 degree Fan Spray (our part No. GJC-90), 180 Degree Fan Spray (our part No. GJC-180), 360 Degree Hole Spray (our part No GJC-360), and Misting Spray (GJC-M)
  • Drip Sprayers - DJ-05
    DJ-05 : Drip Sprayers
    Down-spray Jet

    • Down-spray Jet 0.05" Orifice – with #10-32 Thread base
    • Minimize the impact from wind.
    • The Down-spray Jet gives an even watering distribution across the wetting area.
    • Commonly used on nursery and large tree box application.
    • Color-Coded nozzles for different Orifice and flow configurations.
      DJ-03: 0.03" Orifice, 10.5 GPH at 25 PSI
      DJ-04: 0.04" Orifice, 13.0 GPH at 25 PSI
      DJ-05: 0.05" Orifice, 22.0 GPH at 25 PSI
      DJ-05: 0.06" Orifice, 30.0 GPH at 25 PSI
    • Performance on our rigid risers as below
      - 35" Diameter on RR12-6 (18" above ground)
      - 30" Diameter on RR8-6 (14" above ground)
      - 20" Diameter on RR6-6 (12" above ground)
  • Sprayer Jets - Frame Spray Jet
    Frame Spray Jet : Sprayer Jets
    Frame Spray Jet

    • Frame Spray Jet 0.04" Orifice, 16 Stream – Quick Thread with #10-32 Thread base
    • Suitable for orchards, vineyards, and horticultural crops.
    • Quick thread base makes installation even easier.
    • 360-degree Frame Spray Jet distributes water evenly with a wide coverage area.
    • Various patterns, trajectories, and with 0.035", 0.040", and 0.050" orifice configurations are available.
      √ 12 stream (High/low) – Pattern A: FSJ-03-A, FSJ-04-A, FSJ-05-A/ 15-25 FT
      √ Butterfly – Pattern B: FSJ-03-B, FSJ-04-B, FSJ-05-B/ 10-12 FT
      √ 16 stream – Pattern E: FSJ-03-E, FSJ-04-E, FSJ-05-E/ 14-22 FT
    • Water discharge at 25 PSI
      FSJ-03-A/B/E: 10.5 GPH
      FSJ-04-A/B/E: 13.0 GPH
      FSJ-05-A/B/E: 22 GPH
    • No moving part design makes it a low maintenance choice.
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