Irrigation Systems | Irrigation System | Drip Irrigation | manufacturer supplier Wholesale Irrigation Systems manufacturer and Irrigation System supplier also Wholesale Distributors-over 5,980 ,Drip Irrigation,Sprinkler Irrigation,Irrigation Fittings buyers around the world at Mon, 18 Jun 2018 19:13:37 -0600 Loc Fitting <img src='productpic/ps_3slx1470734004.jpg' /><br><ul> <li> 0.700" to 0.730" O.D. Poly Tubing Coupler. </li> <li> Spiral-lock sleeves secure poly tubing. </li> <li> No ratchet clamp needed, efficient and Stable. </li> <li> Simply push the poly tubing over the exposing barb and turn the locking sleeve toward the tubing to “lock" it in place. </li> <li> Easiest-to-use fitting for Poly tubing. No need to use great force. </li> <li> Both Spiral-lock Fittings and poly tubing are Reusable. To reuse, simply turn the locking sleeves away from the tubing and wiggle the tubing from the barb. </li> <li> SLF (Spiral-Lock Fittings) Series Spec is as below <br /> SLF 700: Fit OD 0.700" to 0.730" Poly Tube/ ID Accept 0.590" to 0.690" / <br /> SLF 900: Fit OD 0.900" to 0.950" Poly Tube / ID Accept 0.790" to 0.845" </li> <li> Different Fitting configurations are also available in SLF series. </li> <li> Coupler, Tee, Elbow, w/ Lay Flat Connector, w/ Male NHT or NPT, w/ End Cap, w/ Air Release Valve, w/ Female Hose Swivel, Swivel Tee w/ Standard Washer, w/ Valve…etc. </li> </ul> Loc Fitting Lock Fitting <img src='productpic/ps_tl0y1470734018.jpg' /><br>Spiral-Lock Fittings<br /> <br /> <ul> <li> Lock Fitting – Poly Tube Coupler, 0.565" to 0.630" I.D. Acceptable. </li> <li> Lock Sleeves Secure Poly Tubing and No Ratchet Clamp Needed. </li> <li> LF (Lock Fittings) Series Spec is as below come with 2 sizes: <br /> LF 565 - Acceptable Poly Tubing I.D. From 0.565" to 0.630" <br /> LF 785 - Acceptable Poly Tubing I.D. From 0.780" to 0.820" </li> <li> Also available in NHT Swivel Faucet Connector configuration. </li> </ul> Lock Fitting Insert Fittings <img src='productpic/ps_jh301470734030.jpg' /><br>Insert Fittings (F Series)<br /> <br /> <ul> <li> 0.565" I.D. (16mm) Poly Tube Insert Coupler. </li> <li> Insert Fittings and use with Ratchet Clamp. </li> <li> F (Insert Fittings) Series Fitting Size is as follows: <br /> F343/F333: For Nominal Tubing Size 16mm - Acceptable Poly Tubing I.D. 0.565" to 0.630" <br /> F363/F334: For Nominal Tubing Size 20mm - Acceptable Poly Tubing I.D. 0.780" to 0.820" </li> <li> Insert Fitting with NHT Swivel Faucet Connector (our part No. F333/F334) comes with standard washer or with optional Screen Washer 60/50 and 30/30 mesh. </li> </ul> Insert Fittings Lock Fittings <img src='productpic/ps_drb1470734047.jpg' /><br><!--{$companyname}--> Lock Fittings<br /> <br /> <ul> <li> 16mm (0.700") Global Lock Coupling. </li> <li> Secure 16mm (0.700") Polyethylene Tubing with Our Special Feature Global Lock Ring &amp; No Ratchet Clamp needed. </li> <li> Global Lock Coupler (GLC) is so efficient to use. First, make sure the tubings have a clean cut surface. Firmly wiggle the two sections of tubing over the barbs and all the way through the ring lock locations. Then gently pull away the two inserted tubing sections. Then the lock rings will also be pulled to their locking positions to secure the positions. </li> <li> Efficient and Easy to Install, Remove and Reuse. Fittings Grip Tighter as Tension Increase. </li> <li> GL-16 series fits nominal 0.700"/16mm Polyethylene tubing (Accept I.D. from 0.550" to 0.620", O.D. from 0.660" to 0.720") </li> <li> Different fitting configurations are also available in GL (Global Lock) Series. <br /> Lock Coupling (Our Product No. GLC-16) <br /> Lock Elbow (Our Product No. GLE-16) <br /> Lock Tee (Our Product No. GLT-16) <br /> Female Hose Swivel Tee (Our Product No. GLST-16) <br /> Lock x Female Hose Swivel (Our Product No. GLFS-16) <br /> Lock x 3/4" MHT (Our Product No. GLMH-16) <br /> Lock w/ Hose End Cap (Our Product No. GLEC-16) <br /> Lock Replacement Ring (Our Product No. GLR-16) </li> <li> Larger size for .900 Poly Tubing (GLC-22) coming soon. Call to ask! </li> </ul> Lock Fittings Barbed Insert Fittings <img src='productpic/ps_p7jh1470734060.jpg' /><br><ul> <li> 16mm Barbed Insert Coupler fits 0.520" to 0.580" I.D. Poly tubing. </li> <li> Barbed Insert Fitting, B Series, also come with below specifications. <br /> 17mm Barbed Insert Coupler fits 0.560" to 0.620" I.D (Product No BC-17) <br /> 20mm Barbed Insert Coupler fits 0.680" to 0.720" I.D (Product No BC-20) </li> <li> No Ratchet Clamp needed when used under 50 PSI Sharp-edged Barbs Create Secured Seal. </li> <li> 17mm Barbed Insert Fitting series also offer different fitting configurations, such as Elbow, Tee, adaptor Tee with 1/2 or 3/4 NPT. </li> </ul> Barbed Insert Fittings Barb Fittings <img src='productpic/ps_b7jo1470734069.jpg' /><br>Brown 17 mm Insert Barbed Fittings<br /> <br /> <ul> <li> (N Series) New Brown 17 mm Insert Barbed Fittings to match the brown colored tubing and mulch used in landscape design. </li> <li> Our new brown 17 mm barbed fittings can go with most common brown color 17 mm tubing in the market. </li> <li> Acceptable tubing size for 17mm: 0.56" - 0.60" Inside Diameter. </li> <li> Maximum recommended system pressure (without clamps): 50 psi </li> <li> Second barb for additional dripline grip. </li> <li> Fittings could be reused easily by cutting the tubing at the “cutting groove" on the second barb </li> <li> This series come in several configurations: Insert Coupler (NC-17), Tee (NT-17), Elbow (NL-17), Tee with 1/2" Male Pipe Thread Adapter (NT-17-12), and Straight 1/2" Male Pipe Thread Adapter (NA-17-12). </li> </ul> Barb Fittings Micro Fittings <img src='productpic/ps_bxn1470734083.jpg' /><br>1/4" Micro Fittings<br /> <br /> <ul> <li> Connector (Barb x Barb) for 1/4" micro tubing. </li> <li> C-25 accept 1/4" Polyethylene Tubing (0.170" or 4mm ID) and 1/4" Vinyl tubing (4mm ID) . </li> <li> Also available with shorter vision (Product No. C25S), as above image. </li> <li> It is the essential components in low pressure micro irrigation systems and used in conjunction with standard low pressure tubing. </li> <li> Common connector to attach 1/4" tubing to mainline. </li> <li> By using longer body and tapered ends make this 1/4" transfer barb easier to handle than the regular transfer barb. </li> <li> Great for landscaping, home gardens, glasshouses and hanging baskets. </li> </ul> Micro Fittings Compression Fittings <img src='productpic/ps_2vku1470734098.jpg' /><br><ul> <li> Compression Fitting Coupler used for .700 Poly Tubing. </li> <li> CP (Compression) Series Fitting Size (used for Tubing O.D.) is as below <br /> 600 Series – fits 0.600" to 0.630" O.D. (Green) <br /> 700 Series – fits 0.680" to 0.710" O.D. (Black) <br /> 710 Series – fits 0.690" to 0.720" O.D. (Blue) <br /> 800 Series – fits 0.820" to 0.830" O.D. (Black) <br /> 900 Series – fits 0.925" to 0.940" O.D. (Gray) <br /> 1000 Series – fits 1.170" to 1.174" O.D. (Black) </li> <li> Compression Fittings Fits Poly tubing from Outside diameter and does not reduce tubing inner diameter and thus not reduce water flow . </li> <li> When water pressure is on, the poly tubing expands, creating a secured seal. </li> <li> Different configurations are also available in CP Series Coupler, Elbow, Tee, End with Cap, End with Air Release Valve, Male Hose End, Tee x 3/4" MHT, Adapter x 1/2" FPT, Elbow x 1/2" FPT, Tee x 1/2" FPT, Swivel Adapter 3/4" FHT, Swivel Elbow 3/4" FHT, Swivel Tee x 3/4" FHT </li> </ul> Compression Fittings PVC Pipe Fittings <img src='productpic/ps_ni651470734108.jpg' /><br><ul> <li> 3/4" Male Hose Adapter x 3/4" Socket or 1" Spigot (PVC). </li> <li> Versatile PVC Pipe fittings &amp; Adapter available in different configurations: <br /> FHS-34S – 3/4" Female Hose Swivel x 3/4" Socket or 1" Spigot (PVC) <br /> FHS-12S – 3/4" Female Hose Swivel x 1/2" Socket or 3/4" Spigot (PVC) <br /> FHS-34MP – 3/4" Female Hose Swivel x 3/4" Male Pipe Thread <br /> FHS-12MP –3/4" Female Hose Swivel x 1/2" Male Pipe Thread <br /> MHA-34MP – 3/4" Male Hose Adapter x 3/4" Male Pipe Thread (PVC) <br /> MHA-12MP – 3/4" Male Hose Adapter x 1/2" Male Pipe Thread (PVC) <br /> MHA-100 –3/4" Male Hose Adapter x 1" Socket (PVC) <br /> MHA-34 –3/4" Male Hose Adapter x 3/4" Socket or 1" Spigot (PVC) <br /> MHA-12 –3/4" Male Hose Adapter x 1/2" Socket or 3/4" Spigot (PVC) <br /> MHL-34 –3/4" Male Hose Elbow x 3/4" Socket or 1" Spigot (PVC) <br /> MHL-12 –3/4" Male Hose Elbow x 1/2" Socket or 3/4" Spigot (PVC) </li> </ul> PVC Pipe Fittings Quick Acting Valve <img src='productpic/ps_vsci1470734124.jpg' /><br>Quick Action Valve with Barb<br /> <br /> <ul> <li> Quick Action Valve Barb x Barb, fits 0.500 - 0.530 I.D. tubing. </li> <li> Used to connect two sections of tubing with a built-in flow control valve. </li> <li> Easy control on and off water flow. </li> <li> Easy identification of water flow control. <br /> When water is opened, the Quick Action Valve is parallel to the line. <br /> When water is closed, the Quick Action Valve is perpendicular to the line. </li> <li> Quality barbed creates secure and leak-free seal. No clamp is required. </li> <li> Commonly used in diverting and controlling water flow to the secondary water zone. </li> <li> Acceptable Tubing I.D. Specifications are as below. <br /> 0.350" - 0.380" (QAVB-450) <br /> 0.500" - 0.530" (QAVB-600) <br /> 0.580" - 0.600" (QAVB-700) <br /> 0.700" - 0.720" (QAVB-800) </li> <li> Also available in different configurations: </li> <li> Quick Action Valve Compression x Compression for 4 sizes of Poly tubing (Product No. QAVC-600/700/800/900) </li> </ul> Quick Acting Valve Funny Pipe Fittings <img src='productpic/ps_p7v91470734137.jpg' /><br><ul> <li> 1/2" Marlex Street Elbow 90 Degree for Funny Pipe (1/2" Female Pipe Thread x 1/2" Male Pipe Thread). </li> <li> Versatile Barbed fittings used on Funny Pipe or riser flex pipe. </li> <li> No glue or clamps required. </li> <li> Available Funny Pipe Fitting configurations are below <br /> 1019 - Funny Pipe Tee x 3/4" MPT <br /> 1018 – Funny Pipe Tee x 1/2" MPT <br /> 1020 – Funny Pipe Tee <br /> 1021 - Funny Pipe Connector <br /> 1023 - 3/4" MPT x Funny Pipe Adapter <br /> 1022 – 1/2" MPT x Funny Pipe Adapter <br /> 1026 – 3/4" MPT x Funny Pipe Elbow 90 Degree <br /> 1024 - 1/2" MPT x Funny Pipe Elbow 90 Degree <br /> 1025 - 1/2" FPT x Funny Pipe Elbow 90 Degree <br /> 1054N – 1/2" FPT x 1/2" MPT, Elbow 90 Degree <br /> 1055 - 1/2" FPT x 3/4" MPT, Elbow 90 Degree <br /> 1056 - 3/4" FPT x 3/4" MPT, Elbow 90 Degree <br /> 1058 - 1" FPT x 1" MPT, Elbow 90 Degree </li> </ul> Funny Pipe Fittings Sprinkler Riser Adapter <img src='productpic/ps_uh8z1470734148.jpg' /><br>Poly Riser Extenders<br /> <br /> <ul> <li> 1/2" FPT (Female Pipe Thread) Inlet x 1/2" MPT (Male Pipe Thread) Riser Adapter with 1/4" Barbed branch Outlet. </li> <li> Connect 1/4" tubing to existing 1/2" underground sprinkler riser. </li> <li> Use the 1/4" barbed outlet to connect to various types of micro emission devices to irrigate flower baskets, landscape boxes, or areas not covered by the existing sprinkler head. </li> <li> An easy way to incorporate low-volume drip system to the existing sprinkler system. </li> </ul> Sprinkler Riser Adapter Spray Adapter <img src='productpic/ps_jfno1470734160.jpg' /><br>Retrofit Micro Spray Adapter<br /> <br /> <ul> <li> Micro Spray Adapter, 1/2" FPT (Female Pipe Thread) Inlet x #10-32 FNFT Outlet. </li> <li> Used to connect low-flow emission devices to 1/2" MPT sprinkler risers. </li> <li> Good for sprinkler-to-drip retrofit projects. </li> <li> Available configurations are as below <br /> 2411 - Micro Spray Adapter, 1/2" FPT Inlet x #10-32 FNFT Outlet <br /> 2413 - Micro Spray Adapter, 1/2" FPT Inlet x 1/8" FPT Outlet <br /> 2414 - Micro Spray Adapter, 1/2" FPT Inlet x Outlet to accept 1/4" barb </li> </ul> Spray Adapter Micro Irrigation Manifold <img src='productpic/ps_2pce1470734170.jpg' /><br>Retrofit Multi-Outlet Manifold<br /> <br /> <ul> <li> Multi-Port Manifold Complete Set (Includes Body, Filter, and Plugs). </li> <li> 6 Individual Barbed Outlets for 1/4" Micro Tubing with 1/2" Female Pipe Threaded Inlet. </li> <li> Accept 1/4" (4mm ID) Micro-tubing to connect to &amp; emitters, micro-bubblers or micro-sprayers. </li> <li> An economical way to retrofit and convert an existing underground irrigation sprinkler to efficient, low-flow drip system. </li> <li> The built-in filter to help keep debris from clogging the drippers. </li> <li> 6 Plugs can conveniently stop the water flow when not in use. </li> <li> Ideal for watering containers, mixed planting areas or landscape. </li> </ul> Micro Irrigation Manifold Garden Hose Shut Off Ball Valve <img src='productpic/ps_3841461141296.jpg' /><br>Garden Hose Shut-Off Ball Valves – Single Line<br /> <br /> <ul> <li> Adding a shut-off to a hose end or faucet provides an easy way to control water flow with a twist of a switch. </li> <li> ¾" FHT inlet x ¾" MHT outlet. </li> <li> A shut-off valve allows control over individual lines in a garden. </li> <li> Quick ¼ turn for complete on and off. </li> <li> Deluxe single-line shut-off hose thread with double-seated washer. </li> <li> A Long handle makes the control very easy to handle. </li> <li> Also available in: <br /> * Short Handle (our part no. 422H) - <br /> <blockquote> Shut-off with short handle knob is suitable where space is limited. It prevents breaking from being kicked or stepped on accidentally. </blockquote> <br /> * Long Handle with Female Swivel Inlet (our part no. 422HL-S): <br /> <blockquote> Simply turn the female swivel to hand tight to any faucet or hose. <br /> Swivel inlet allows installer to position the handle at the desired location. </blockquote> </li> </ul> Garden Hose Shut Off Ball Valve Shut Off Ball Valve <img src='productpic/ps_c8l01461141308.jpg' /><br>Low Volume Shut-Off Ball Valves – Single Line (for pipe)<br /> <br /> <ul> <li> Deluxe single-line shut-off Pipe thread with double-seated washer and Orange long handle. </li> <li> A simple on-off operation with a turn of the handle. A long handle makes manual control easier. </li> <li> No tool is necessary. Handle tight the ball valve to make the water seal. </li> <li> A shut-off ball valve gives control over partial irrigation zones or individual lines </li> <li> ¾" FPT x ¾" MPT </li> <li> Color Coding for easy identification of Hose or Pipe Thread Connection. (Black Handle – NHT, Orange Handle - NPT ) </li> <li> Available in: <br /> * Short handle knob: (our part no. 422P) <br /> * Long handle 3/4" (our part no.422PL) <br /> * Long handle with Female Swivel (our part no. 422PL-S) </li> </ul> Shut Off Ball Valve Dual Outlet Shut Off Valve <img src='productpic/ps_7ggw1461141316.jpg' /><br>Y Shut-Off Ball Valves (Dual line)<br /> <br /> <ul> <li> Plastic Y connector (Dual line) with double shut-off. </li> <li> The dual-outlet ball valve allows connection of drip irrigation system and garden hose from one hose bib or faucet. </li> <li> Each outlet has its own control valve so that each system can run independently or both systems can run simultaneously. </li> <li> Simply hand tight the ball valve on the water source. <br /> </li> <li> When the lever is inline with water flow direction, the ball valve is opened. When the lever is perpendicular to the water flow direction (as shown on picture), the ball valve is closed. </li> <li> Available with a Swivel inlet (our part no. 431-S) <br /> Swivel connector allows positioning shut-off valve to desired direction and prevents hose kinks. New Improved Swivel design! </li> </ul> Dual Outlet Shut Off Valve Quick Action Valve <img src='productpic/ps_58i41461141325.jpg' /><br>Quick Action Valve on Barb x Barb Coupler<br /> <br /> <ul> <li> Quick Action Valve Barb x Barb fits 0.580 - 0.600 I.D. poly tubing. </li> <li> A quick-action valve on a barb x barb gives direct on and off control over water flow for mainlines and lateral lines in irrigation systems. </li> <li> When the Quick Action Valve is inline with the water flow direction, the valve is open. <br /> When the Quick Action Valve is perpendicular to the water flow direction, the valve is closed. </li> <li> Also available with different barb sizes. Acceptable poly tubing is as below: <br /> For 450 tubing, fits ID 0.350" - 0.380" (our part no. QAVB-450) <br /> For 600 tubing, fits ID 0.500" - 0.530" (our part no. QAVB-600) <br /> For 700 tubing, fits ID 0.580" - 0.600" (our part no. QAVB-700) <br /> For 800 tubing, fits ID 0.700" - 0.720" (our part no. QAVB-800) </li> </ul> Quick Action Valve Micro Flow Valve <img src='productpic/ps_gc6l1461141332.jpg' /><br>Micro Adjust-Flow Valve<br /> <br /> <ul> <li> Micro Adjust-Flow Valve with #10-32 Thread on both ends. </li> <li> Add a flow-control valve to adjust the water flow used in low pressure micro-spray irrigation systems. </li> <li> It allows variable flow control by rotating the cap. </li> <li> Make any mini-sprinkler or sprayer adjustable by inserting a 1/4" Micro Adjust-Flow Valve on a 1/4" line. </li> <li> Can be used with Rigid Risers or 1/4" Soaker Dripline. </li> <li> Available in: <br /> * ¼" barb x ¼" barb (our part no. VAVB-06): <br /> <blockquote> Commonly used on ¼" tubing for easy control water flow in the micro spray system. <br /> </blockquote> * #10-32 thread x #10-32 thread (our part no. VAVT-06): <br /> <blockquote> Easily installed on 12" stake (our part no. 2014) and installed between stake and Rigid Risers (our part no. RR6 for 6" Riser, RR8 for 8" Riser, RR12 for 12" Riser, RR18 for 18" Riser)<br /> </blockquote> </li> </ul> <img src="" /> Micro Flow Valve Figure 8 Clamp <img src='productpic/ps_mm0t1464574368.jpg' /><br>Figure 8 End Clamps<br /> <br /> <ul> <li> Figure 8 End of line Clinchers for 1/2" tubing. </li> <li> An easy and economical way to end a poly tubing line. </li> <li> To use, simply push poly tubing into one hole, bend the tubing back, and slide the other hole over the end of the pipe. </li> <li> Figure-Eight Poly Tube Clinchers are also available in below sizes. <br /> For 3/4" Poly tubing (our part No. F312) <br /> For 1" Poly tubing (our part No. F313) </li> </ul> Figure 8 Clamp Ratchet Clamp <img src='productpic/ps_22751464574375.jpg' /><br>Ratchet Clamp (Irrigation Tubing Clamp)<br /> <br /> <ul> <li> 1/2" Ratchet Clamp </li> <li> Ratchet tubing clamp for up to 1/2" tubing (Accepts flexible tubing). </li> <li> No worry for rusted, corroded, or distort situation. </li> <li> 11-position strong ratchet teeth control allows adjustment of tightness. </li> <li> Ratchet Clamp F321 can be used with our F series insert fittings F333 and F343 </li> <li> Ideal for low pressure irrigation systems in agricultural, horticultural, vineyard and landscape applications. </li> </ul> Ratchet Clamp Irrigation Trellis Hanger <img src='productpic/ps_zem71464574386.jpg' /><br>Irrigation Supporting Hook<br /> <br /> <ul> <li> 20 mm Support Hooks (Also called Trellis Hanger). </li> <li> Our SH-20 is used to suspend 3/4" tubing on trellis (overhead) wire. </li> <li> Commonly used in vineyards, orchards, and greenhouses. </li> <li> The top smaller hook hangs on trellis wire and push the poly tubing into the larger hook. </li> <li> Also available in smaller size for ½" poly tubing: Our part no. SH-16 </li> </ul> Irrigation Trellis Hanger Nail Clamp <img src='productpic/ps_ib781464574403.jpg' /><br><ul> <li> 1/2" Tube Saddle Clamp with Nail. </li> <li> Used to attach poly tubing in place to fences and boarders in garden areas. </li> <li> This nail clamp allows directly strapping the poly tubing on woods, masonry, or stucco surfaces for various irrigation placement needs. </li> <li> Works with most brands of 1/2 poly tubing. </li> <li> Black color provides good UV protection from color fading or cracking due to sun exposure </li> <li> Available Spec is as below. <br /> TC-250N (Black)&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; 1/4" Tube Clamp Fits 0.250" - 0.270" O.D Poly Tube <br /> TC-455 (Black)&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; 3/8" Tube Clamp Fits 0.380" - 0.455" O.D Poly Tube <br /> TC-700 (Black)&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; 1/2" Tube Clamp Fits 0.680" - 0.710" O.D Poly Tube <br /> TC-250-466C (Tan)&nbsp;&nbsp; 1/4" Tube Clamp Fits 0.250" - 0.270" O.D Poly Tube <br /> TC-455-466C (Tan)&nbsp;&nbsp; 3/8" Tube Clamp Fits 0.380" - 0.455" O.D Poly Tube <br /> TC-455-P454 (Ivory)&nbsp; 3/8" Tube Clamp Fits 0.380" - 0.455" O.D Poly Tube </li> <li> Also Available in lighter colors to match the lighter colors of the tubing, mostly seen in misting or cooling system . </li> <li> Tan Color is in Panton Color No. 466C. <br /> Ivory Color is in Pantone Color No. 454 </li> </ul> Nail Clamp Garden Hose Washer <img src='productpic/ps_r7z1464574416.jpg' /><br>Garden Hose Washer for Hose Fittings<br /> <br /> <ul> <li> 3/4" Hose Washer fit inside a female hose fittings. </li> <li> By creating a water tight seal this washer prevents leaks in hose threaded connections. </li> <li> This standard hose washer creates a water tight seal and prevents leaking in the hose threaded connection. </li> <li> Also available with Stainless Steel Screen Mesh Washer. A mesh screen washer creates a water tight seal while filtering some particles that may clog the drip system. A larger filter is still recommended to be installed on the main supply line to efficiently maintain the system. </li> <li> (Please see above Screen Washer image) <br /> WSS34:&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; 3/4" Hose Washer w/ Stainless Steel Screen – 60 x 50 Mesh <br /> WSS34-30:&nbsp; 3/4" Hose Washer w/ Stainless Steel Screen – 30 x 30 Mesh </li> </ul> Garden Hose Washer Pipe Cutters <img src='productpic/ps_9qih1464574426.jpg' /><br><ul> <li> PVC3 – Rigid PVC Pipe Cutter, 1/2" to 2 1/2" <br /> (Replacement Hardened carbon Blade – Our Product No. PVC3-RB) <br /> Makes a clean, smooth cut – Leaves no burrs. <br /> Cuts pipe faster than a hacksaw. <br /> Hooked jaw holds pipe in cutting position. <br /> Built-in ratchet assembly. <br /> Switch-Blade action for quick release of jaws. </li> <li> Different cutter options are as below. <br /> PVC1 - Rigid PVC Tube/Pipe Cutter, 1/2" to 1 5/8" </li> <li> Safety clip keeps handles closed when not in use. </li> <li> Replace the hardened carbon blades, (Our Part No. PVC1-RB) are available. </li> <li> PTC1 – Plastic Tube Cutter, cuts hose and poly tubing 1/2" to 1 1/2" <br /> Replacement Stainless Steel Blade –(Our Part No: PTC1-RB) </li> </ul> Pipe Cutters Pressure Gauge <img src='productpic/ps_mek81464574435.jpg' /><br><ul> <li> 2" (50mm) Size Pressure Gauge, 0-30 PSI – Liquid Filled, w/ 1/4"Male Hose Thread (MHT) Brass Inlet. </li> <li> This water pressure gauge is used to helps you determine the water capacity that directly impacts the design and performance of the drip irrigation system. </li> <li> Ideal to use in low pressure irrigation system. </li> <li> Clear display allows accurate reading. </li> <li> 1/4 inch NPT thread. </li> <li> Also available with higher pressure reading. Our part no. PG-2 can read up to 100 PSI </li> <li> Could be used with our Inline Screen Filter (IMF series) and Stainless Steel Screen Filter (SS series). </li> <li> Application: Water, air, gas, oil and working fluid not corrosive to wetted parts. </li> <li> Ring &amp; Case: Stainless steel. </li> <li> Movement &amp; Socket: Brass <br /> Mounting: Bottom and Center back with surface, flush mount and U-Clamp. </li> <li> Accuracy: +/- 1.5% of full scale </li> <li> Operating Temperature Limit: -4 ~ 140°F (-20 ~ 60°C) </li> </ul> Pressure Gauge PVC Saddle Tees <img src='productpic/ps_kosv1464574446.jpg' /><br><ul> <li> SD-34-40 is PVC Saddle Tee with 3/4" Socket (1" Spigot) outlet, and 4" Base (in Green color) </li> <li> PVC Saddle Tee is used with PVC glue to quickly add a Tee in an existing PVC pipe line, without making a huge hole. </li> <li> 8 Colors available (from 1 1/2" to 8") to identify different base sizes: <br /> Black 1 1/2" <br /> White 2" <br /> Gray 2 1/2" <br /> Brown 3" <br /> Green 4" <br /> Red 5" <br /> Blue 6" <br /> Orange 8" </li> <li> Three series available with different Outlet sizes <br /> SD-12 Series : 1/2" Socket (3/4" Spigot), w/ 8 base sizes from 1 1/2" to 8" <br /> SD-34 Series: 3/4" Socket (1" Spigot), w/ 8 base sizes from 1 1/2" to 8" <br /> SD-100 Series : 1" Socket (1 1/4" Spigot), w/ 5 base sizes from 3" to 8" </li> </ul> PVC Saddle Tees Hose Cap <img src='productpic/ps_bcn81464574452.jpg' /><br>Female Hose Thread End Cap with Washer<br /> <br /> <ul> <li> 3/4" Female Hose Thread End Cap with a watertight washer. </li> <li> Without End Cap, the water all runs out the end of the drip tube. </li> <li> Periodically flush out the line is recommended to run the drip irrigation system more efficiently and maintain it longer life. An end cap comes in handy to close or open the lines. </li> <li> Use a simple hose-thread cap to seal off male hose thread and remove it when flushing the system. </li> </ul> Hose Cap Irrigation Flush Valve <img src='productpic/ps_z1ub1464574464.jpg' /><br>Female Hose Thread with Low Flow Automatic Flush Valve<br /> <br /> <ul> <li> 3/4" Female Hose Thread with Low Flow Automatic Flush Valve. </li> <li> To be installed at the lowest point of the sprinkler zone. </li> <li> Female hose thread flush valve is installed at the end of poly tubing by using . </li> <li> a male hose end fitting or at a low point in the middle of a line using a male hose tee. </li> <li> Prevents pipe from freezing by automatically draining irrigation line when water is shut off. </li> <li> 3/4" Female Hose Thread end can be used with any fittings with male hose thread. </li> <li> Automatic flush valves are available that flush the tubing each time when the water is turned on and pressure in the line drops below setting PSI. </li> <li> It is effectively draining the line when the system shuts off which helps prevent prolonged dripping from watering devices, mineral build up, and freeze damage during the winter months. </li> </ul> Irrigation Flush Valve Goof Plugs <img src='productpic/ps_k7o21464574480.jpg' /><br>Goof Plugs (Mistake Plug)<br /> <br /> <ul> <li> <!--{$companyname}--> Goof Plugs, also known us Mistake Plugs, feature 2 sized barbs on one plug to fit different hole sizes. </li> <li> Dual Goof Plug also fits 0.170" and 0.220" I.D. (Inside Diameter) Tubing to close the end of the lines. </li> <li> Widely used for plugging any unwanted holes in the irrigation supply line. &nbsp; </li> <li> The dual Goof Plug is commonly used to repair small or large holes in mainline tubing where an emitter or micro-sprayer was removed. </li> <li> A handy and economic micro fitting for any irrigation repair jobs. </li> <li> Black color is great for UV resistance. </li> </ul> <br /> Goof Plugs Irrigation Hole Punch <img src='productpic/ps_zk2c1464574488.jpg' /><br>Economic Irrigation Hole Punch<br /> <br /> <ul> <li> <!--{$companyname}--> Hole Punch – An hole punch (key punch) to make precise holes in drip mainline tubing. </li> <li> Make 3-5mm holes in mainline tubing. </li> <li> Used for installing drip emitters or 1/4" barbed fittings. </li> <li> An economic hole punch for quick smaller jobs. </li> <li> Orange Hole puncher with Hexagonal base (our part no. GHP-O) is also available upon request. Hex base helps to install and remove spray jets and interchange their caps. </li> </ul> Irrigation Hole Punch Anti Siphon Backflow Preventer <img src='productpic/ps_snqh1464574500.jpg' /><br>Anti-Siphon Backflow Preventer<br /> <br /> <ul> <li> Hose Bibb Vacuum Breaker </li> <li> 3/4" FHT Inlet x 3/4" MHT Outlet </li> <li> Includes a standard hose washer, creating a water tight seal to the connection. </li> <li> Installed at the beginning of the irrigation system to create a siphon break. </li> <li> Prevents water from going back to water supply. </li> <li> When pressure drops, the breaker will open up and dump the water out, avoiding water contamination and flooding. </li> </ul> Anti Siphon Backflow Preventer Quick Action Coupling <img src='productpic/ps_6st31464574508.jpg' /><br>Quick Action Valve Barb Fit<br /> <br /> <ul> <li> Quick Action Valve Barb x Barb Fits 0.350 - 0.380 I.D. Tubing. </li> <li> It works on low pressure setting. </li> <li> It also can be used with grommet for taken off. </li> <li> A convenient valve built in on a barbed coupler allows easy control of water flow at any desired location. </li> <li> Commonly used on a separate line aside from mainline to independently control on and off water flow after feeding nutrition or pesticide. </li> <li> Other sizes are available to fit different tubing sizes: <br /> QAVB-450: 0.350 - 0.380 I.D. <br /> QAVB-600: 0.500 - 0.530 I.D. <br /> QAVB-700: 0.580 - 0.600 I.D. <br /> QAVB-800: 0.700 - 0.720 I.D. </li> <li> Also available in different connection configurations: <br /> QAVS - Quick Action Valve 1/2" Slip Socket x 1/2" Slip Socket <br /> QAVC Series - Quick Action Valve Compression x Compression (w/ 4 sizes) </li> </ul> Quick Action Coupling Flag Emitter <img src='productpic/ps_67k81470385706.jpg' /><br><ul> <li> Flag Emitter (aka Take-apart Emitter) with 1/4" barb inlet and 1/4" barb outlet. </li> <li> Works very well with low-pressure gravity system. </li> <li> The Barbed Inlet could be directly installed into the poly mainline or at the end of 1/4" tubing. </li> <li> The side barbed outlet can be used to extend ¼" distribution tubing to the planting location. </li> <li> Take apart construction for easy cleaning and inspection. Simply disassemble it by twisting and pulling out the flag to clean it. </li> <li> Available in 5 Color coded flags to identify different flow rates (Tested @ 15 PSI) <br /> Gray Flag: 0.5 GPH (2 LPH) <br /> Black Flag: 1.0 GPH (4 LPH) <br /> Blue Flag: 2.0 GPH (8 LPH) <br /> Orange Flag: 3.0 GPH (12 LPH) <br /> Green Flag: 4.0 GPH (16 LPH) </li> <li> With options of horizontal or vertical installation. </li> <li> Widely used in agriculture vineyard, vegetables, closely spaced row crops, green houses and nurseries. </li> <li> Recommended used with filter. </li> </ul> Flag Emitter Inline Emitters <img src='productpic/ps_yt4g1470385747.jpg' /><br>In-line Flag Emitter<br /> <br /> <ul> <li> Serviceable In-line Flag Emitter for 1/4" tubing. </li> <li> Good for fruit orchards or unevenly spaced plants or large plants requiring multiple drippers around the trunk of the tree, to cover widespread root zone. </li> <li> Holding Stake (our Part No. 2016) could be used to anchor the 1/4 line and in-line emitters in position. Flag Emitter (Our 603 Series) or goof plug (Our Part No. GP-2) could be used together at the end to close the 1/4" line. </li> <li> No more clogging like other in-line emitters. Just wiggling the flag to open and clean. </li> <li> Easy to clean even with tubing is still in setting. No need to cut the line for re-positioning. </li> <li> Available in 3 Color-coded flags to identify different flow rates. <br /> 605-02 (Grey Flag): 0.5 GPH (2 LPH) <br /> 605-04 (Black Flag): 1.0 GPH (4 LPH) <br /> 605-08 (Blue Flag): 2.0 GPH (8 LPH) </li> </ul> Inline Emitters Irrigation Emitters <img src='productpic/ps_q9qy1470385786.jpg' /><br><!--{$companyname}--> Emitters<br /> <br /> <ul> <li> <!--{$companyname}--> Emitter (GE) is a serviceable, non-pressure compensating button emitter. </li> <li> Barbed Inlet for installing into the end of 1/4" distribution tubing or direct insertion to the side of ½" or ¾" mainline. </li> <li> Serviceable construction makes cleaning and inspection very easy. </li> <li> Color coded to identify different flow rates. <br /> Yellow: 0.5GPH (2 LPH) <br /> Black: 1.0GPH (4LPH) <br /> Blue: 2.0GPH (8LPH) </li> <li> Economical and reliable. </li> <li> Large cap size makes it very easy to handle in the field. </li> <li> Commonly used in pots, planters, young trees, and nursery. </li> </ul> Irrigation Emitters Pressure Compensating Emitters <img src='productpic/ps_6p0z1470385800.jpg' /><br><ul> <li> Pressure Compensating Emitters (PCE) release water at a uniform rate over a wide range of pressures. </li> <li> New construction creates consistent turbulent flow to reduce clogging situation. </li> <li> Removable large cap makes cleaning very easy. </li> <li> Ideal solution for pressure change from long drip tubing run and elevation change. </li> <li> Barbed Inlet for installing into 1/4" distribution tubing or on the side of 1/2" or 3/4" mainline. </li> <li> Widely used in landscapes, nurseries, gardens, orchards, and greenhouse. </li> <li> Available in 3 flow rates, identified by 3 Color-coded caps. <br /> Yellow: 0.5GPH (2 LPH) <br /> Black: 1.0GPH (4LPH) <br /> Blue: 2.0GPH (8LPH) </li> </ul> Pressure Compensating Emitters Button Dripper <img src='productpic/ps_b561470385936.jpg' /><br><ul> <li> Economical Button Emitter with a Barbed Inlet at 4 LPH (1 GPH) Flow Rate 1/4 Barbed inlet is to be attached to the end of ¼" distribution tubing or directly into 1/2" or ¾" mainline tubing. </li> <li> Commonly used in orchards, and nurseries. </li> <li> Button shape design. Simply push it directly onto the Poly mainline. </li> <li> Available in 3 flow rates, identified by 3 Color-coded barbs (Flow rate at 20 PSI). <br /> BE-2 (Yellow): 0.5 GPH (2 LPH) <br /> BE-4 (Black): 1.0 GPH (4 LPH) <br /> BE-8 (Blue): 2.0 GPH (8 LPH) </li> <li> Recommended minimum filtration: 120 mesh. </li> </ul> Button Dripper Adjustable Drippers <img src='productpic/ps_9es61470385902.jpg' /><br><ul> <li> Adjustable drippers. Water output can be adjusted by a turn of the cap (shown as above photos). </li> <li> Barbed for installing into 1/4" tubing or on the side of 1/2" Poly tubing. </li> <li> Could be completely shut-off. </li> <li> Its "turn and adjust" feature allows users to slightly turn it open for extremely small amount of water output (less then 1GPH) when needed. Water could be applied slowly, over a long period, to penetrate the root zone for drought tolerant plants. </li> <li> Flexible and Easy to use. Instead of installing different flow-rate emitters for different plants, users can install these Adjustable Emitters on the same dripline for different plants with different water requirements. </li> <li> A good add-on to a drip irrigation kit for beginners. Its "turn and adjust" flexibility allows trial and error to reach the appropriate water output for the plants. Just adjust and no need to change emitters or even the whole system. </li> <li> Take apart construction for easy cleaning and inspection. </li> <li> Color coded to identify different range of flow rate. <br /> ASE-4 (Green): 0-1 GPH (0-4 LPH). <br /> ASE-8 (Black): 0-2.5 GPH (0-8 LPH). </li> </ul> Adjustable Drippers Irrigation Bubblers <img src='productpic/ps_bl8r1470385989.jpg' /><br>Adjustable Stream Flow 360 Degree Mini-Bubblers on a 6" Stake<br /> <ul> <li> Adjustable Multi-Stream Bubbler on 6" Stake, Barbed Inlet. </li> <li> Finger-tip flow control with fully shut-off operation. </li> <li> Stake configuration to be anchored down in soil or container. </li> <li> Adjustable flow rate from 0-10 GPH, Diameter 0-3 feet @ 20PSI. </li> <li> Available in 2 Spray Patterns: 8 Streams on full circle or 5 streams on half circle. </li> <li> Color coded caps to identify Flow patterns (Black cap for 360 Degree spray pattern and Grey cap for 180 Degree spray pattern). </li> <li> Ideal for hanging baskets, pots, landscaped gardens and nurseries. </li> <li> Available configurations are as below <br /> √ 4mm Barbed Inlet:<br /> 360 degree (our part No. AS-MBB), Black<br /> 180 degree (our part No. AS-MBHB), Grey <br /> √ #10-32 Threaded Inlet:<br /> 360 degree (our part No. AS-MBT), Black <br /> 180 degree (our part No. AS-MBHT), Grey <br /> √ 1/2" FPT Adapter: 360 degree only (our part No. AS-MBA), Black </li> </ul> Irrigation Bubblers Irrigation Bubbler <img src='productpic/ps_ykmz1470386011.jpg' /><br>Adjustable Mini Flood Bubbler on a 6" stake<br /> <br /> <ul> <li> Adjustable Mini Flood Bubbler on a 6" stake, with a Barbed Inlet. </li> <li> Our new Mini Flood Bubbler provides a gentle umbrella watering pattern. </li> <li> Adjustable flow rates from 0-24 GPH (0-90 LPH), Diameter 0-14 feet @ 25PSI. </li> <li> Flow rate and coverage area can be adjusted by rotating the top unit. </li> <li> Easy to clean by completely unscrewing cap from base unit. No tool is necessary. </li> <li> Available in 4 convenient configurations <br /> √ On 6" stake, barb Inlet (our part No. AS-FB6). <br /> √ With a 10-32 self-tapping Thread Inlet (our part No. AS-FBT). <br /> √ With a 1/4" Barb Inlet (our part No. AS-FBB). <br /> √ With a 1/2" FPT Inlet adapter (our part No. AS-FBA). </li> <li> This new designed Mini Flood Bubbler prevents watering the unwanted area. Ideal for street trees, pots, shrubs and landscape applications. </li> </ul> Irrigation Bubbler Irrigation Screen Filter <img src='productpic/ps_9vw21458553332.jpg' /><br>Screen Y Filters<br /> <br /> <ul> <li> Y Filters, 3/4" Male NPT Housing with 150 Mesh </li> <li> All-purpose screen Y filters remove debris and particles from the irrigation system and also protect the emitters, sprayers, and driplines from clogging. </li> <li> Typically installed between irrigation control valve and pressure regulator. </li> <li> Screens can be removed from the filter housing for easy cleaning when needed. </li> <li> Proper water filtration and periodically screen cleaning can result in a more efficient irrigation system. </li> <li> Available with flush cap or flush valve (our part No. 422HL) to easily flush out the particles trapped in the bottom of filter. </li> <li> Most drip irrigation system required using 120- 150 mesh screens, while some specifically require 200-mesh for finer filtration. </li> <li> Interchangeable replacement screens: Stainless steel screen in 150-mesh (our part No. 930-SS), Polyester screen in 150-mesh (our part No. 930-RS), Polyester screen in 200-mesh (our part No. 930-RS-200) </li> <li> Flow Rate: up to 10 GPM / Operating pressure: up to 75 PSI </li> <li> Available in several specs: </li> </ul> <blockquote> → 3/4" Male NPT inlet and outlet (our part No.1903-34P for poly 150-mesh screen/ 1903S-34P for 150-mesh stainless steel screen)<br /> → 1" Male NPT inlet and outlet (our part No. 1903-100P for poly 150-mesh screen/ 1903S-100P for 150-mesh stainless steel screen)<br /> → 3/4"&nbsp; Male Hose Thread inlet and outlet (our part No. 1903-34H for&nbsp; poly 150-mesh screen/ 1903S-34H for 150-mesh stainless steel screen)<br /> → 3/4" Female Hose Thread Swivel inlet and ¾" Male Hose Thread outlet (our part No. 1903-34HS for poly 150-mesh screen): A female hose thread swivel inlet allows all-direction installation to the drip system.<br /> → Flush valve available: our part no. 1903V-34P for 3/4" Male NPT inlet and outlet. Our part no. 1903V-100P for 1" Male NPT inlet and outlet.<br /> </blockquote> <img src="" /> <img src="" /> Irrigation Screen Filter Irrigation Filter Screen <img src='productpic/ps_bbcr1458553338.jpg' /><br>Replacement Screen For Y Filters<br /> <br /> <ul> <li> Replacement Screen For Y Filters </li> <li> Periodically cleaning out unwanted debris by removing screens from the filter body will keep the irrigation system more efficiently. Pull out the screen and clean with small nylon brush and water. </li> <li> Screens have excellent resistance to most common chemicals. </li> <li> Polyester Screen with 150 and 200 Mesh option (our part No. 903-RS and 903-RS-200) </li> <li> Stainless Steel Screen is 150 Mesh (our part No. 903-SS) </li> <li> 200 PCS/CASE </li> </ul> Irrigation Filter Screen Inline Irrigation Filter <img src='productpic/ps_9o2t1458553345.jpg' /><br>In-Line Filters &amp; Accessories<br /> <br /> <ul> <li> In-Line Filter Housing (our part No. 9031-H) with 150 Mesh Poly Replacement Screen (our part No. 9031-RS) and Washer. </li> <li> Inline Hose Filter is simple to use for small to medium gardens or irrigation systems. </li> <li> Inline Hose Filter connects to any standard hose bib. <br /> (Note: For a hose bib that has a shorter thread, more than one washer may be needed to ensure the hose bib actually touching the washer to make a good seal.) </li> <li> Maximum flow is 5 GPM / Operating pressure: up to 75 PSI </li> <li> Spec: 3/4" Swivel FHT (Female Hose Thread) inlet x 3/4" MHT (Male Hose Thread) outlet </li> </ul> Inline Irrigation Filter Drip Irrigation Filter <img src='productpic/ps_dq111458553353.jpg' /><br>Swivel Tee Filters &amp; Accessories<br /> <br /> <ul> <li> 3/4" Swivel Tee Filters Housing (our part No. 903T-H) with 150 Mesh Poly Replacement Screen (our part No. 903T-RS) </li> <li> This Swivel Tee-filter is a great filtration choice for a small irrigation system where space is limited. </li> <li> It is installed on any hose bib. The female hose swivel inlet makes installation easy. Water comes into the Tee from female hose inlet, runs through the internal screen, and filtered water exits on the side of the tee where irrigation system connects. </li> <li> A flush cap makes cleaning process very easy. Simply turn the cap off to let the dirt being flushed out and remove the internal screen to wash out any particles. </li> <li> Interchangeable screens available: standard 150-mesh (our part No. 903T-RS/ black color) and 200-mesh for finer filtration requirement (our part No. 903T-RS-200/ orange color) </li> <li> Spec: 3/4" Swivel FHT (Female Hose Thread) inlet x 3/4" MHT (Male Hose Thread) Outlet </li> </ul> Drip Irrigation Filter Drip Irrigation Pressure Regulator <img src='productpic/ps_oewb1459156901.jpg' /><br>Preset Pressure Regulators With 3/4" Hose Thread<br /> <br /> <ul> <li> Pressure Regulator with 3/4" FHT inlet and 3/4" MHT outlet; Preset pressure at 25 PSI </li> <li> Hose thread regulator used to reduce household water pressure to a set pressure for use with drip systems in lawn and garden. </li> <li> Can be attached to a standard hose faucet and/or garden hose. </li> <li> Preset pressure available from 6 to 30 PSI and flow rates from 1 to 15 GPM for most drip irrigation systems. </li> <li> Pressure Regulator is recommended to be situated after valves or shutoffs to prevent the damage by constant pressure. </li> <li> No need special tools or glues. </li> <li> Above or Below Ground Installation </li> <li> Withstands Severe Water Hammer </li> <li> Box Qty : 12PCS </li> <li> Case Qty: 144PCS </li> </ul> Drip Irrigation Pressure Regulator Irrigation System Pressure Regulator <img src='productpic/ps_y0zj1459157026.jpg' /><br>Preset Pressure Regulators With Pipe Thread<br /> <br /> <ul> <li> Pressure Regulator with 3/4" FPT inlet and 3/4" MPT outlet; preset pressure at 25 PSI </li> <li> The pressure regulator reduces and regulates the incoming pressure of water entering a drip irrigation or micro sprinkler system to the appropriate operating pressure of 25 PSI. <br /> It provides a steady pressure control and offer consistent outlet pressures. </li> <li> Pipe thread regulator to be attached to pipe thread outlet. </li> <li> Can be used with any drip filter that has pipe thread outlet, such as ¾" Y-filter (our part no. 1903-34P) </li> <li> 6 Pre-Set Pressures Available: 6, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30 PSI for most drip irrigation systems </li> <li> Box &amp; Case Qty : 12 &amp; 144 PCS </li> </ul> <p> <img src="" /> </p> Irrigation System Pressure Regulator Drip System Pressure Regulator <img src='productpic/ps_61tw1459157089.jpg' /><br>Preset Pressure Regulators With Pipe And Hose Thread<br /> <br /> <ul> <li> Pressure Regulator with ¾" FPT inlet and&nbsp; ¾" MHT outlet </li> <li> Output Preset Pressure is at 25 PSI <br /> (Different output available: 6, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30 PSI) </li> <li> Clear sign for flow direction. </li> <li> Color coded body for easy identification of inlet and outlet thread types. </li> <li> By limiting the inlet water pressure to a constant outlet pressure, the regulator makes downstream emitters performing properly. </li> <li> Unless minimum specified flow passes through the regulator, it will not take any effect. </li> <li> Standard Package: 12PCS/BOX 144PCS/CASE </li> </ul> Drip System Pressure Regulator Preset Pressure Regulator <img src='productpic/ps_3b2r1459157140.jpg' /><br>Preset Pressure Regulator With Pipe And Hose Thread<br /> <br /> <ul> <li> Pressure Regulator with 3/4" FHT inlet and 3/4" MPT outlet; Preset pressure at 25 PSI </li> <li> Output Pressure available from 6, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30 PSI </li> <li> Reducing incoming water pressure to a lower pressure used in irrigation system. </li> <li> Pressure Regulator will only function when the water is with minimum specified flow pass through and will not increase pressure in your irrigation systems. </li> <li> Available in Pipe, Hose, Hose x Pipe and Pipe x Hose Thread as below. <br /> Color coded body ensures easy identification and thread type differentiation (Black – Hose Thread / Grey – Pipe Thread) </li> </ul> Preset Pressure Regulator Drip Pressure Regulator <img src='productpic/ps_4kjr1459157204.jpg' /><br>Economy Pressure Regulators<br /> <br /> <ul> <li> Pressure Regulator – Pre-Set at 25 PSI with 3/4" FHT inlet and 3/4" MHT outlet </li> <li> Available in Hose inlet x Hose outlet (Our part no. 902H-25) and Pipe inlet x Pipe outlet (our part no. 902P-25) </li> <li> Reduce incoming water pressure to a pre-set 25 PSI output for use with drip systems. Many non-pressure compensating emitters are used under 25 PSI. </li> <li> Easy to use without any tool. Just hand tight. </li> </ul> Drip Pressure Regulator Rigid Risers <img src='productpic/ps_a5by1461136434.jpg' /><br><ul> <li> 8 INCH Rigid Riser </li> <li> Available in 4 lengths (as shown above): <br /> √ 6 INCH (our part no. RR6) <br /> √ 8 INCH (our part no. RR8) <br /> √ 12 INCH (our part no. RR12) <br /> √ 18 INCH (our part no. RR18) </li> <li> Thick-walled ¼ tubing. </li> <li> Ideal for used in micro irrigation systems in conjunction with micro emitters and fittings. </li> <li> Accommodates all quick thread and any #10-32 micro-irrigation sprayers, and mini sprinklers. </li> </ul> Rigid Risers Rigid Riser Adapter <img src='productpic/ps_j7l1461136443.jpg' /><br>Fittings for Rigid Riser<br /> <br /> <ul> <li> Rigid Riser fittings with #10-32 Thread Adapter on Both Ends (If not, it should be "with #10-32 on one end and quick thread on the other end). </li> <li> #10-32 thread is for screwing into Rigid Riser and micro spray jets or 4mm (1/4 in.) micro supply pipe. </li> <li> A convenient adapter to set up rigid risers to the desired height for above-ground applications. </li> <li> Also available in 1/4" Barb Adapter x #10-32 Thread configuration (our part no. RRAB). </li> <li class="dinggou"> RRAB: Adapts 4mm rigid risers to 4mm flexible tubing. Usually works with rigid riser holding stake (Our part No.2014) for extra support. </li> </ul> Rigid Riser Adapter Rigid Riser <img src='productpic/ps_620w1461136455.jpg' /><br>Rigid Risers Assembled with Adapters<br /> <br /> <ul> <li> 12 Inch Rigid Riser with #10-32 Thread Adapter. </li> <li> Pre-assembled for immediate installation. </li> <li> This Rigid Riser with a threaded 4mm inlet adaptor is used to elevate the height of micro jets, sprays and mini sprinklers, usually being popped into a clip stake&nbsp; (our part no. 2012) or directly screwed into a drip tubing stake (our part no. 2014). </li> <li> Also available with 1/4 Barbed Adapter configuration, as shown above. <br /> Available lengths in 6" (150mm), 8" (200mm), 12" (300mm), &amp; 18" ( 450mm) (Our part no. RRAB-6, RRAB-8, RRAB-12, RRAB-18) </li> <li> How to specify<br /> RRAT-12:&nbsp; "12" Inch "R"igid "R"iser with "A"dapter "T"hread <br /> RRAB-6: "6" Inch "R"igid "R"iser with "A"dapter "B"arb </li> </ul> Rigid Riser Drip Riser <img src='productpic/ps_j4b61464574341.jpg' /><br>Rigid Risers Assembled with 1/2” MPT Adapter<br /> <br /> <ul> <li> 12 inch Rigid Riser with 1/2" Male Pipe Thread Adapter </li> <li> Pre-assembled for immediate installation </li> <li> Can be used on PVC laterals, or with any 1/2" female threaded adapter </li> <li> 1/2" Pipe Thread Adapter can be used to adapt sprinkler risers into water-efficient low-volume irrigation systems. Connect the male pipe thread with semi-rigid riser into the FNPT and thread the micro sprinkler or micro sprayer into the top of the PE riser. Accommodates #10-32 threaded emitters. </li> <li> Can be used in virtually any position. Ideal for suspending from ceiling or ground installation. </li> <li> RRAT-12 elevating the emitter 12" above the ground, allowing the spray to clear plant foliage </li> <li> Available lengths in 6" (150mm), 8" (200mm), 12" (300mm), &amp; 18" ( 450mm) (Our part no. RRAA-6, RRAA-8, RRAA-12, RRAA-18) </li> <li> Individual 1/2" MPT Adapter for Rigid Riser <br /> (our part no. RRAA) is also available upon request </li> <li> RRAA fits Rigid Riser with O.D. ranging from 0.298" to 0.307" (7.6mm-7.8mm) </li> </ul> Drip Riser Drip Irrigation Riser <img src='productpic/ps_guqv1461136464.jpg' /><br>Rigid Risers Assembled with Stake<br /> <br /> <ul> <li> 8 Inch Rigid Riser with 6" Stake (as shown above on the left) </li> <li> Ideal to elevate jet sprayers, foggers or threaded micro sprinklers, to increase the circumference of the wetting area </li> <li> Ideal for use in flower beds and vegetable gardens </li> <li> Barbed end inlet on the stake to connect 1/4 in. (4mm) micro tubing </li> <li> Protected hood design on the stake to stabilize the rigid riser positioning </li> <li> Available SPEC: 4 Length Rigid Riser (6, 8, 12 and 18 Inch) with 2 Type of Stake (6" Stake and 8" Stake with Valve) <br /> √ (RR#-6) for Rigid Riser on a 6" Stake:&nbsp; RR6-6, RR8-6, RR12-6, RR18-6 <br /> √ (RR#-8) for Rigid Riser on a 8" Stake with Valve: RR6-8, RR-8-8, RR12-8, RR18-8 </li> <li> 8 Inch Rigid Riser on 8" Stake with valve (our part no. RR8-8, as shown above on the right). The 8" Stake has a built-in flow control valve to easily adjust flow and spray radius </li> </ul> Drip Irrigation Riser Swing Joint Assembly <img src='productpic/ps_61lq1461136473.jpg' /><br>Swing Joint Assemblies<br /> <br /> <ul> <li> Pre-assembled Swing Joints 6", 4 Elbows, 3/4" MPT x 3/4" MPT </li> <li> Available Length in 6", 12" or 18" and with 3 or 4 Elbows configurations. </li> <li> 3 Elbows with 1/2" MPT x 1/2" MPT and 1/2" MPT x 3/4" MPT configuration.<br /> 4 Elbows with 1/2" x 1/2", 1/2" x 3/4", and 3/4" x 3/4" MPT configuration. </li> <li> Operating Pressure Rating: 80PSI (Pressure Loss – 2 PSI at 6 GPM) <br /> Maximum Flow is 8 GPM </li> <li> For convenient underground sprinkler installation. </li> <li> Easy to adjust the sprinkler by rotating male pipe thread (MPT) inlet and outlet to the proper height, angle and placement. </li> <li> How to specify code </li> <li> ex. SWJ-45-06: <br /> 4 = 1/2" MPT, 5 = 3/4" MPT <br /> 45 = 1/2" MPT x 3/4" MPT&nbsp; (44 for 1/2" on both ends) <br /> 06 = 6" Funny Pipe (12 for 12" and 18 for 18"funny pipe) <br /> (Below "XX" indicates funny pipe length, 6"/ 12"/ 18" for configuration) <br /> √ SWJ-44-XX:&nbsp; 3 Elbows with 1/2" MPT on both ends <br /> √ SWJ-45-XX:&nbsp; 3 Elbows with 1/2" MPT on one end x 3/4" MPT on the other end <br /> √ SWJ-44-XX-54:&nbsp; 4 Elbows with 1/2" MPT on both ends <br /> √ SWJ-44-XX-55:&nbsp; 4 Elbows with 1/2" MPT on one end x 3/4" MPT on the other end <br /> √ SWJ-45-XX-55: 4 Elbows with 3/4" MPT on both ends </li> </ul> Swing Joint Assembly Poly Nipple <img src='productpic/ps_8931461136482.jpg' /><br>Poly Nipples<br /> <ul> <li> 1/2" NPT x Close Poly Nipple (Risers) - Thread End Male x Male to connect to 1/2" female pipe adapters. </li> <li> Commonly used for permanent sprinkler and shrub set up. </li> <li> Can be an easy addition to any existing risers. </li> <li> Also available in 2", 3", 4", 5", 6", 8, 10" and 12" <br /> (Our NPP05 is with 1/2" NPT on both ends) <br /> NPP05-2: 2" Poly Nipple <br /> NPP05-3: 3" Poly Nipple <br /> NPP05-4: 4" Poly Nipple <br /> NPP05-5: 5" Poly Nipple <br /> NPP05-6: 6" Poly Nipple <br /> NPP05-8: 8" Poly Nipple <br /> NPP05-10: 10" Poly Nipple <br /> NPP05-12: 12" Poly Nipple </li> </ul> Poly Nipple Sprinkler Riser Extender <img src='productpic/ps_4ac71461136491.jpg' /><br>Poly Riser Extenders<br /> <br /> <ul> <li> 3/4" FPT x 3/4" MPT x 1" Riser Extender </li> <li> Also Available in 1/2" FPT x 1/2" MPT configuration <br /> 9110&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; 1.0" Riser Extender - 1/2" FPT x 1/2" MPT <br /> 9115&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; 1.5" Riser Extender - 1/2" FPT x 1/2" MPT <br /> 9115A&nbsp; &nbsp; 1.5" Riser adaptor w/ side 1/4" barb - 1/2" FPT x 1/2" MPT Simple option to retrofit a sprinkler riser to a drip irrigation system <br /> 9120&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp; 2.0" Cut-Off Riser Extender - 1/2" FPT x 1/2" MPT </li> </ul> Sprinkler Riser Extender Irrigation Nozzles <img src='productpic/ps_7fzf1466069289.jpg' /><br>Rainbird Style Nozzles<br /> <br /> <ul> <li> Half Circle Spray Pattern </li> <li> Pressure range: 15 to 30 psi (1.0 to 2.1 bar) </li> <li> Fits standard 1/2" Spray Heads &amp; our 701-4P (4 Inch Pop-Up Sprinkler body) or other RAINBIRD&copy; Style Pop-Up Sprinklers </li> <li> Stainless Steel Screw for Easy Adjustment </li> <li> Screens Available (our part No. 7011-Screen) </li> </ul> 15 Series Fixed Pattern Nozzles (15 ft./4.6m spacing)<br /> <ul> <li> 7011-15F: Full Circle Pattern, 360 degrees </li> <li> 7011-15TQ: Three Quarter Circle Pattern, 270 degrees </li> <li> 7011-15H: Half Circle Pattern, 180 degrees </li> <li> 7011-15Q: Quarter Circle Pattern, 90 degrees </li> <li> 7011-15C: Center Strip Pattern </li> <li> 7011-15E: End Strip Pattern </li> <li> 7011-15S: Side Strip Pattern </li> </ul> 12 Series Fixed Pattern Nozzles (12 ft./3.6 m spacing)<br /> <ul> <li> 7011-12F: Full Circle Pattern, 360 degrees </li> <li> 7011-12H: Half Circle Pattern, 180 degrees </li> <li> 7011-12Q: Quarter Circle Pattern, 90 degrees </li> </ul> 10 Series Fixed Pattern Nozzles (10 ft./2.7 m spacing)<br /> <ul> <li> 7011-10F: Full Circle Pattern, 360 degrees </li> <li> 7011-10H: Half Circle Pattern, 180 degrees </li> <li> 7011-10Q: Quarter Circle Pattern, 90 degrees </li> </ul> 8 Series Fixed Pattern Nozzles (8 ft./2.4 m spacing)<br /> <ul> <li> 7011-8F: Full Circle Pattern, 360 degrees </li> <li> 7011-8H: Half Circle Pattern, 180 degrees </li> <li> 7011-8Q: Quarter Circle Pattern, 90 degrees </li> <li> Performance details please see below </li> <br /> <img src="" /> </ul> Irrigation Nozzles Rotor Sprinkler <img src='productpic/ps_hym1466069302.jpg' /><br>Rotor Spinners<br /> <br /> <ul> <li> Plastic Rotor Sprinkler Head with 1/2" Female NPT Inlet </li> <li> This fast rotating head offers excellent water distribution. Covers circle from 37 to 52 FT diameter. </li> <li> Operating Pressure between 20 to50 PSI </li> <li> Flow Rate is from 2.6 to 6.3 GPM given Pressure range from 20 to 50 PSI. </li> <li> Balanced Dual Output Spinner (Our product No. 745) is also available. Improved stability without shaking when watering. Spinner has a 15° trajectory. </li> <li> Performance data </li> </ul> Rotor Sprinkler Impact Sprinklers <img src='productpic/ps_9fv31466069376.jpg' /><br>Impact Sprinklers with 11/64 Nozzle Outlet and 1/2" Male NPT Thread Inlet<br /> <ul> <li> Impact Sprinklers with 11/64 Nozzle (Black) Outlet and 1/2" Male NPT Thread Inlet. </li> <li> With full or partial circle adjustment. </li> <li> Covers circle of up to 78 FT diameter. </li> <li> Color-coded nozzles available for easy identification:<br /> Green (1/8 Nozzle), Red (9/64 Nozzle) and Black (11/64 Nozzle). </li> <li> Operating pressure: from 20 to 50 PSI </li> <li> Diameter and Flow spec depends on nozzle size and PSI setting.<br /> 145-30: Green (60-73 FT / 1.6-2.3 GPM) </li> <li> 145-35: Red&nbsp; (60-73 FT / 1.9-3.2 GPM) <br /> 145-40: Black (60-78 FT / 2.3-3.8 GPM) </li> <li> Standard Package Quantity:10 PCS / BOX and 200 PCS / CASE </li> </ul> Impact Sprinklers Sprinkler Sled Base <img src='productpic/ps_a3q31466069382.jpg' /><br>Weighted Sled Base<br /> <br /> <ul> <li> Weighted Sled Base (Orange) </li> <li> Moveable Plastic Sprinkler Stand with 1/2" FPT on Top, FHT Inlet and MHT W/End Cap at the Side. </li> <li> The FHT inlet can be connected to garden hose easily. </li> <li> The MHT outlet with end cap allows easy flush out for cleaning purpose. </li> <li> The 1/2" FPT on top can accept many types of sprinklers with 1/2 MPT, such as impact sprinklers (our part No. 145-30, 145-35, 145-40). </li> <li> This versatile base is with large footprint and added weights ensure superb stability. </li> </ul> Sprinkler Sled Base Flood Bubbler <img src='productpic/ps_1nje1466069393.jpg' /><br><ul> <li> Flood bubbler with full circle finger spray pattern. </li> <li> Installed on 1/2" male NPT (Pipe Threaded) riser. </li> <li> Adjustable flow and radius by using a Phillips-head screwdriver to turn the stainless steel adjustment screw. Spacing between from 1 to 3 feet (0.3 m to 0.9 m) apart. </li> <li> Ideal for trees, shrubs or flower beds. </li> <li> Different spray patterns are available. <br /> 721FS: Full circle, finger spray pattern. <br /> 721HS: Half circle, finger spray pattern. <br /> 721F: Full circle, umbrella pattern. </li> <li> Hand Adjustable Flood Bubbler (our part No. 8060) is also available. Full circle umbrella pattern. Adjustable flow from 0 - 2 GPM, radius from 0 to 2 ft. </li> </ul> Flood Bubbler Micro Irrigation Stakes <img src='productpic/ps_shet1468464668.jpg' /><br>6" Micro Tubing Holding Stake<br /> <br /> <ul> <li> 6" Holding Stake fits 0.125, 0.185, 0.200, 0.250 and 0.307 Micro Tubing, and holds the tubing in place. </li> <li> The 2016 Micro Tubing Holding Stake elevates drip emitters, sprayers, and micro tubing above the ground. It prevents dirt clogging to the emission devices and keeps bugs and dirt out of the tubing. </li> <li> To use, simply place micro tubing into the V notch, and push down the stake into the ground. </li> <li> The 2016 Micro Tubing Holding Stake is a versatile stake and can be used near plants, in flower pots, and garden boxes. </li> </ul> Micro Irrigation Stakes Drip Irrigation Stakes <img src='productpic/ps_0rzk1468464677.jpg' /><br>12" Press-Fit Stake<br /> <br /> <ul> <li> 12" Stake to raise up Press-fit Sprayers/sprinklers above the ground. </li> <li> A replacement stake for press-fit support assembly. </li> <li> Enlarged hole on the stake allows ¼" tubing assemblies to go through easier. </li> <li> Improved press-fit connector is now more versatile to fit different press-fit sprinklers. </li> </ul> Drip Irrigation Stakes Micro Stakes <img src='productpic/ps_5w6j1468464688.jpg' /><br><ul> <li> 12" Clip Stake </li> <li> Rigid Risers or ¼ tubing could be pushed into the Clip of the stake. </li> <li> 12" Clip Stake is used to extend micro sprinklers or mini sprayers, on rigid risers or with 1/4" tubing, above the plant area. </li> <li> Prevents tripping hazards and damage to drip system. </li> <li> The flat top could be hammered into the soil if needed. </li> <li> Close up image as above. </li> </ul> Micro Stakes Spray Stake <img src='productpic/ps_6p0j1468464707.jpg' /><br><ul> <li> 12" Stake with #10-32 Thread Inlet and 1/4" Barbed Outlet. </li> <li> <!--{$companyname}--> 2014 Stake is used to elevate a micro sprinkler/ sprayer and secure it in position. </li> <li> Thread in the mini sprinkler/ sprayer with #10-32 thread to the top hole of this stake. </li> <li> The Barbed Outlet is used to connect 1/4" flexible vinyl tubing (.152"-.160"/ 3.86mm-4.07mm ID) or with 1/4" poly tubing (.157"-.165"/ 4.0mm-4.2mm ID ). </li> <li> Ideal for horticultural application, flower beds, and large areas of plantation in landscaped areas. </li> <li> New enlarged hole on the stake makes ¼" tubing assembly go through easier. </li> <li> Close up image as above. </li> </ul> Spray Stake Micro Sprinkler Stakes <img src='productpic/ps_zkn51468464698.jpg' /><br>12" Stake with 3/8” FPT Outlet x 1/4” Barbed Inlet<br /> <br /> <ul> <li> 12" Stake with 3/8" Female Pipe Thread Taper Outlet x 1/4" Barbed Inlet for 1/4" flexible vinyl Tubing with 0.270" OD (ID .156"-.164"/ 3.96mm-4.17mm) or 1/4" Poly tubing with ID .193"-.200"/ 4.9mm-5.1mm. </li> <li> Thread in mini sprinklers with 3/8" Male Pipe Thread (our part no. 7436 series) to the outlet of 2038 stake. </li> <li> A straight 1/4" barbed inlet accepts 1/4" poly and/or flexible vinyl tubing. </li> <li> Widely used for landscape and Orchard irrigation. </li> <li> This 2038 stake assembly includes press-fit stake (our part no. 2010) and press-fit bridge with 3/8" Female Pipe Thread Taper x 1/4" Barb (our part no. 1032). </li> <li> Smaller 1/4" barbed version (our part no. 1032N) is also available upon request. </li> <li> 2038N stake assembly fits 1/4" flexible vinyl tubing with .245 OD (ID .152"-.160"/ 3.86mm-4.07mm) or 1/4" poly tubing with ID .157"-.165"/ 4.0mm-4.2mm. </li> </ul> Micro Sprinkler Stakes Stake Connectors <img src='productpic/ps_vjac1468464716.jpg' /><br>Press-fit bridge for 3/8" Female Pipe Thread Taper With 1/4" Barb Inlet<br /> <br /> <ul> <li> Press-fit connector with 3/8" Female Pipe Thread Taper and smaller 1/4" Barb for 1/4" flexible vinyl Tubing with 0.245" OD (ID .152"-.160"/ 3.86mm-4.07mm) or 1/4" poly tubing with .157"-.165"/ 4.0mm-4.2mm ID. </li> <li> Assemble 1032N Press-fit Bridge with press-fit stake (our part no. 1020) to make a stake with 3/8" Female Pipe Thread Outlet x 1/4" Barb Inlet (our part no 2038N). </li> <li> 1032N is used to connect mini sprinklers with 3/8" Male Pipe Thread (our part no. 7436 series) and 1/4" micro tubing. </li> <li> Larger 1/4" barbed Press-fit Bridge (our part no. 1032) is also available upon request. 1032 fits 1/4" flexible vinyl Tubing with 0.270" OD (ID .156"-.164"/ 3.96mm-4.17mm) or 1/4" Poly tubing with ID .193"-.200"/ 4.9mm-5.1mm. </li> </ul> Stake Connectors Drip Stakes <img src='productpic/ps_mwx21468464726.jpg' /><br>6" Elbow Stake<br /> <br /> <ul> <li> 6" Elbow Stake with 1/4" Barb side Inlet x #10-32 Thread Outlet and Protective Hood. </li> <li> The threaded top accepts a short length of 1/4" tubing or Rigid Riser between the stake and the sprayer. Barb on the side accepts 1/4" tubing from the mainline. </li> <li> The Protective Hood gives extra support to the rigid riser setup. </li> <li> Ideal to elevate rigid riser and micro sprayer above the planted area to accommodate various application needs. </li> <li> <!--{$companyname}--> Elbow Stake can be assembled with 4 lengths of rigid risers upon request. RR6-6 (6" rigid riser on the 6" elbow stake), RR8-6 (8" rigid riser on the 6" elbow stake), RR12-6 (12" rigid riser on the 6" elbow stake), RR18-6 (18" rigid riser on the 6" elbow stake). </li> </ul> Drip Stakes Adjustable Stakes <img src='productpic/ps_sqc11468464734.jpg' /><br>8" Elbow Stake with Adjustable Valve<br /> <br /> <ul> <li> <!--{$companyname}--> 8" Elbow Stake with Adjustable Valve, with 1/4" Barb side Inlet and #10-32 Thread Outlet. </li> <li> AS-08HV has a built-in control valve to easily adjust the flow and distance of spray from a Micro Jet Sprayer or any other sprayer. </li> <li> The control valve allows complete shut-off operation. </li> <li> The Protective Hood surround the #10-32 threaded outlet provides extra protection to the rigid riser. </li> <li> The Barb on the side of the stake connects 1/4" tubing from the mainline. </li> <li> AS-08HV also has a convenient Hole Punch on the stake for immediately use to connect ¼" tubing from mainline. </li> <li> <!--{$companyname}--> Elbow Stake can be assembled with 4 lengths of rigid risers upon request. RR6-8 (6" rigid riser on the 8" elbow stake), RR8-8 (8" rigid riser on the 8" elbow stake), RR12-8 (12" rigid riser on the 8" elbow stake), RR18-8 (18" rigid riser on the 8" elbow stake). </li> </ul> Adjustable Stakes Pipe Stakes <img src='productpic/ps_oh751468464744.jpg' /><br>1/2" Tubing Hold Down Stake<br /> <br /> <ul> <li> 13mm (5 in) Tubing Stake for hold .600, .700, .710 OD Tubing (14mm-18mm) in place. </li> <li> 2017 Hold Down Stake is used to hold polyethylene tubing in place from tripping hazards or damaging the drip system. </li> <li> To install, just place the hold-down next to the tubing and push it down to the soil to neatly secure the tubing in place. </li> <li> This hold-down stake could also be hammered into the ground. </li> <li> This economic accessory ensures a clean finish for the installation of irrigation system. </li> </ul> Pipe Stakes Drip Tape Coupler <img src='productpic/ps_cbej1461136131.jpg' /><br>Twist-Lock Tape Coupler<br /> <br /> <ul> <li> Twist-Lock 7/8" (22mm I.D.) Tape Coupler </li> <li> Our best seller tape coupler, used to connect to two sections of 7/8" drip tapes. </li> <li> Easy cleaning ever! Just shake off the dirt! <br /> Our Twist-Lock Tape Coupler has a characteristic that the dirt doesn’t easily get onto the fitting, making <!--{$companyname}-->'s Twist-Lock Tape Coupler an ideal choice for above ground and buried applications! </li> <li> A low cost maintenance choice when repairing tapes. <br /> Simply cut off the problematic section and use a tape coupler to connect to the remaining usable tapes. </li> <li> No tool is necessary. Simply push the tape over the two barbed ends and hand-tighten the twist nut for a secure fit. </li> <li> All parts are reusable. When Twist-Lock Tape Coupler is used, it only uses the twist nut to tighten "over" the tape without cutting the tapes through. <br /> To remove it from the line, simply loosen the twist nut and pull the tapes off. </li> <li> UV resistant material makes it reliable to use in the field. </li> <li> Thread for easy assembly. </li> <li> TL (Twist-Lock Fitting) Series are designed for use with drip tape and with a variety of ranges for your needs. </li> <li> Available in two sizes: <br /> To connect to 5/8" tapes (16mm I.D.): Our part no. TL5-C <br /> To connect to 7/8" tapes (22mm I.D.): Our part no. TL7-C </li> </ul> Drip Tape Coupler Drip Tape Fittings <img src='productpic/ps_wa021461136156.jpg' /><br>Twist Lock Adapter 5/8" x 250 series barb<br /> <br /> <ul> <li> Twist Lock Adapter 5/8" (16mm) I.D. tape with 1/4" Barb. </li> <li> An easy way to make your garden /field to a tape setting from poly tubing mainline. </li> <li> The size of 250 series barb of this adapter is too large to fit directly into 1/4" poly tubing. It works as a take-off from poly tubing mainline. </li> <li> Our Twist Lock Adapter 5/8" with a 250 series Barb end is used to connect 5/8" drip tape to mainline tubing. Punch a hole in the mainline tubing first. Connect the drip tape to the tape end of the adapter and inset the barb end into the punched hole of the mainline. </li> <li> To use this drip tape connector: <br /> First, turn the twist nut counter-clockwise, insert the tape, and push the drip tape over the barb. <br /> Then turn the twist nut clockwise over the drip tape to secure the connection. </li> </ul> Drip Tape Fittings Drip Irrigation Adapter <img src='productpic/ps_fev01461136178.jpg' /><br>Twist Lock Adapter 7/8" tape x 700 series barb<br /> <br /> <ul> <li> Twist Lock Adapter 7/8" (22mm) I.D. tape with 700 series Barb. </li> <li> 7/8" drip tape takeoff from PVC pipe. </li> <li> Easy installation as below: <br /> Step1: Drill 3/4" hole in the PVC Pipe. <br /> Step2: Insert the Grommet (our part No. G13) in the hole made in the PVC Pipe. <br /> Step3: Push 700 barb side of TL7A-B700 in the grommet. <br /> Step4: 7/8" Drip Tape can then be easily connected to the other side of adaptor with twist lock nut. </li> <li> Reliable quality for use over seasons. </li> </ul> Drip Irrigation Adapter Take Off Adapter <img src='productpic/ps_e42s1461136212.jpg' /><br>Take-off Adapter for 5/8" Drip Tape x 450 Series Barb<br /> <br /> <ul> <li> 5/8" (16mm) drip tape take-off connector from PVC pipe with 450 series barb. </li> <li> PVC takeoff for 5/8 Drip Tape. Installed with grommet (our part No. G8). </li> <li> Easy to install and Reusable! <br /> Simply slip the 5/8" drip tape over the tape end of the adapter and turn the twist nut down to secure the connection. </li> <li> Leaking-free Design! Our barb has a strong hold to prevent leaking. </li> <li> Special wing design for easy handling. </li> <li> Two barb sizes are available for 5/8" tape take-off: <br /> 5/8" tape x .450 barb (Our product No. TL5A-B450) fits grommet for 5/8" hole (Our product No. G8) <br /> 5/8" tape x .700 barb (Our product No. TL5A-B700) fits grommet for 3/4" hole (Our product No. G13) </li> </ul> Take Off Adapter Drip Tape Connectors <img src='productpic/ps_bvqg1461136227.jpg' /><br>Twist Lock Adapter Tape Socket / Spigot<br /> <br /> <ul> <li> Twist Lock Adapter 7/8" (22mm) I.D. tape x 1/2" Socket / 3/4" Spigot. </li> <li> This fitting is used to connect a line of drip tape directly to PVC pipe mainline. </li> <li> It can be either glued onto 1/2" PVC pipe or into a 3/4" PVC fitting. </li> <li> Commonly used in watering rows of crops by connecting rows of 7/8" (or 5/8") drip tapes to ½" or ¾" PVC pipes. </li> <li> Simply turn the twist nut to loosen the tapes when needed. </li> <li> Size options are as below: <br /> TL5A-S12 for Twist-Lock Adapter 5/8" Tape x 1/2" Socket / 3/4" Spigot <br /> TL7A-S12 for Twist-Lock Adapter 7/8" Tape x 1/2" Socket / 3/4" Spigot <br /> TL7A-S34 for Twist-Lock Adapter 7/8" Tape x 3/4" Socket / 1" Spigot </li> </ul> Drip Tape Connectors Drip Tape End Cap <img src='productpic/ps_18jd1461136239.jpg' /><br>Twist-Lock Tape x MHT Adapter w/ End Cap<br /> <br /> <ul> <li> Twist-Lock 5/8" Tape Adapter with 3/4" Male Hose End Cap. </li> <li> Twist Lock Fittings are designed for fitting both seamed and seamless drip Tapes. </li> <li> For closing end of drip tape row. </li> <li> To flush the lines, just turn off the cap when needed. Turn the cap back when flushing is done. </li> <li> Available sizes: <br /> To end 5/8" or 16mm tape (our part no. TL5-EC) <br /> To end 7/8" or 22mm tape (our part no. TL7-EC) </li> </ul> Drip Tape End Cap Drip Tape Irrigation Fittings <img src='productpic/ps_l8q71461136251.jpg' /><br>Twist Lock Adapter Tape x Lay Flat<br /> <br /> <ul> <li> Twist Lock Adapter Tape 5/8" x Lay Flat. </li> <li> Reliable connector for the drip line to the vinyl lay flat hose sub-mainline (header line) </li> <li> Requires Layflat cutter and insertion tool to insert the tear drop to the hose and turn the sleeve down to secure the lock. Then insert the drip tape to the tape end of the adapter and turn the twist nut to make a tight lock. </li> <li> Commonly used for commercial farmers to set out tapes on rows of crops. </li> <li> Available to fit two sizes of tapes: <br /> Connect to 5/8" drip tape: (our part no. TL5A-LF) <br /> Connect to 7/8" drip tape: (our part no. TL7A-LF) </li> </ul> Drip Tape Irrigation Fittings Drip Tape Irrigation Supplies <img src='productpic/ps_iatq1461136267.jpg' /><br>Twist Lock Adapter Tape x Lay Flat, w/ Valve<br /> <br /> <ul> <li> Twist Lock Adapter 7/8" Tape x Lay Flat, with a Quick Action Valve </li> <li> Commonly used in the beginning of the line. <br /> A built-in quick action valve allows individual control over watering on/off each row of crops. </li> <li> To install, use lay flat cutter and insert tool to insert the tear drop end of the adapter to the lay flat hose. Then push the tape over the barbed end of the adapter. Turn the twist nut to secure the connection. </li> <li> Available to fit two tape sizes: <br /> 5/8" tape (our part no. TL5AV-LF) <br /> 7/8" tape (our part no. TL7AV-LF) </li> </ul> Drip Tape Irrigation Supplies Drip Tape Valve <img src='productpic/ps_il3p1461136278.jpg' /><br>Twist Lock Adapter 5/8 Tape x .450 Barb, w/ Valve<br /> <br /> <ul> <li> Twist-Lock Adapter 5/8" (16mm) Tape x 0.450 Barb, w/ Valve. </li> <li> A build-in Quick Action Valve regulates or shuts off water flow of </li> <li> individual drip lines without affecting others. </li> <li> This fitting is used to connect drip tape to 1" or larger soft poly tubing </li> <li> This adaptor could also be installed to PVC pipe with the optional grommet (our product No. G8) <br /> ■ Drill a 5/8" hole into PVC pipe <br /> ■ Insert grommet into the hole <br /> ■ Insert .450 barb into grommet </li> <li> Fits well with all major brands of drip tapes. </li> <li> Different sizes are available: <br /> 5/8" (16mm) Tape with 0.450 and 0.700 Barb <br /> 7/8" (22mm) Tape with 0.700 Barb </li> </ul> Drip Tape Valve Drip Irrigation Sprayer <img src='productpic/ps_crv61461829966.jpg' /><br>Adjustable Vortex Spray 360 Degree Mini-Bubblers with 6" Stake<br /> <br /> <ul> <li> Adjustable Vortex Spray 360 Degree on 6" Stake, with 1/4" Barbed Inlet. </li> <li> Adjustable 0-24 GPH (0-89 LPH), Diameter of Spray Range 0-12 feet @ 25PSI </li> <li> Simply turn the cap for the desired diameter and flow rate. </li> <li> Reduce the wetting area when plants are smaller. As plants grow, turn the cap counter clock wise, and the spray coverage could be enlarged up to 12 feet in diameter at 25 PSI. </li> <li> Fully shut off option. </li> <li> Removable cap for easy cleaning. </li> <li> Spike for positioning. A barb inlet on the side for conveniently connecting to 1/4" micro tubing. </li> <li> Available configurations are as below <br /> √ 1/4" Barbed Inlet (our part No. VS-360B): attach to feeder and supply lines. <br /> √ #10-32 Threaded Inlet (our part No. VS-360T): install to rigid riser and stake. <br /> √ 1/2" FPT Adapter (our part No. VS-360A): directly install to riser pipe. </li> </ul> Drip Irrigation Sprayer Spray Stakes <img src='productpic/ps_buz61461829992.jpg' /><br>Stake Sprayers For 1/8" Poly Tubing<br /> <br /> <ul> <li> 5" Stake Sprayers For 1/8" (.125" ID x .187 OD) Poly Tubing </li> <li> Commonly used on nursery tree boxes. </li> <li> Simply push down the stake sprayer into the tree box or container while the 1/8" micro tubing is connected to the top of the sprayer. The water comes out from the groove of the stake sprayer. </li> <li> When not in use, simply turn the Stake Sprayer upside down. </li> <li> Side tab to indicate spray direction. </li> <li> Recommended operating pressure: 15~25 PSI </li> <li> Recommended filtration: 150 mesh </li> <li> Color coded to identify different flow and spray degrees (flow at 20 PSI) <br /> SS18-160H-BLK&nbsp;&nbsp; (Black)&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; 160 Degree High Flow&nbsp; (15.0 GPH, for 15-20 Gallon Pot) <br /> SS18-160M-DGN&nbsp;&nbsp; (Green)&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; 160 Degree Medium Flow&nbsp; (11.4 GPH, for 5-15 Gallon Pot) <br /> SS18-160L-LGN&nbsp;&nbsp; (Lt. Green) 160 Degree Low Flow&nbsp; (6.6 GPH, for 2-7 Gallon Pot) <br /> SS18-160MN-ORG&nbsp; (Orange)&nbsp;&nbsp; 160 Degree Mini Flow&nbsp; (4.2 GPH, for 1-3 Gallon Pot) <br /> SS18-90L-BRN&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; (Brown)&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; 90 Degree Low Flow&nbsp; (6.6 GPH, for 2-7 Gallon Pot) <br /> SS18-90MN-GRY&nbsp;&nbsp; (Grey)&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; 90 Degree Mini Flow&nbsp; (3.0 GPH, for 1-3 gallon Pot) </li> </ul> Spray Stakes Spray Jets <img src='productpic/ps_l0771461830003.jpg' /><br>One-Piece Spray Jets Half-Circle with 0.04" Orifice<br /> <br /> <ul> <li> One-Piece Spray Jet with 18 Degree Trajectory for Commercial and home garden use in a Low-Pressure Application </li> <li> Economic – One-Piece Design </li> <li> Easy Installation – Just Push In and Screw Tight to rigid risers. </li> <li> Color coded spray jet for easy identification of different Orifice and Spray Radius: <br /> - 0.03" Orifice: Black color, 6.6 GPH at 20 PSI <br /> - 0.04" Orifice: Blue color, 10.9 GPH at 20 PSI <br /> - 0.05" Orifice: Green color, 17.5 GPH at 20 PSI <br /> - 90, 180, and 360 Degree spray patterns available <br /> &nbsp; Quarter-circle Spray/ 0.03" Orifice/ Black (our part No. SJ-03-90) <br /> &nbsp; Quarter-circle Spray / 0.04" Orifice/ Blue (our part No. SJ-04-90) <br /> &nbsp; Quarter-circle Spray / 0.05" Orifice/ Green (our part No. SJ-05-90) <br /> &nbsp; Half-circle Spray / 0.03" Orifice/ Black (our part No. SJ-03-180) <br /> &nbsp; Half-circle Spray / 0.04" Orifice/ Blue (our part No. SJ-04-180) <br /> &nbsp; Half-circle Spray / 0.05" Orifice/ Green (our part No. SJ-05-180) <br /> &nbsp; Full-circle Spray / 0.03" Orifice/ Black (our part No. SJ-03-360) <br /> &nbsp; Full-circle Spray / 0.04" Orifice/ Blue (our part No. SJ-04-360) <br /> &nbsp; Full-circle Spray / 0.05" Orifice/ Green (our part No. SJ-05-360) </li> </ul> <br /> Spray Jets Micro Spray Jets <img src='productpic/ps_8ifn1461830013.jpg' /><br>Flat One-Piece Spray Jets - 0.09" Orifice<br /> <br /> <ul> <li> One-Piece Spray Jet with 0 Degree Trajectory </li> <li> The standard #10-32 thread base can be installed to any rigid riser, stake, or ¼ tubing </li> <li> These spray jets produce a flat spray to minimize water on foliage </li> <li> Commonly used in landscape area and garden </li> <li> 0.09" Orifice with 33 GPH at 20 PSI </li> <li> Color coded nozzles (Orange, Black and Green) for different Spray Pattern identification <br /> 90 degree/ Orange/ 9 FT radius (our part No. SJ-04-90 FLAT) <br /> 180 degree/ Black/ 9 FT radius (our part No. SJ-04-180 FLAT) <br /> 360 Degree/ Green/ 14 FT Diameter (our part No. SJ-04-360 FLAT) </li> </ul> Micro Spray Jets Adjustable Jet <img src='productpic/ps_wzs01461830028.jpg' /><br>Adjustable Jet 180 degree- with #10-32 Thread base<br /> <br /> <ul> <li> Adjustable Jet 180-degree spray pattern, with #10-32 Thread base. </li> <li> A build in flow control valve allows complete shut-off option and flow/coverage adjustment. </li> <li> Half-circle pattern is ideal for borders to avoid unwanted wetting area. </li> <li> Pressure from 10 to 30 PSI, Maximum Flow from 16.3 to 28.8 GPH </li> <li> Various Spray Pattern configurations are available: <br /> - Quarter-circle/ 90-degree fan spray pattern: our part no. AJT-06Q <br /> - Half-circle/ 180-degree fan spray pattern: our part no. AJT-06H <br /> - Full-circle / 360-degree finger spray pattern: our part no. AJT-06F <br /> - Misting/ fan spray from a center hole: our part no. AJT-06M </li> <li> The misting jet is ideal for delicate plants, hanging baskets, and greenhouses. Recommended use with 200-mesh filter. </li> </ul> Adjustable Jet Micro Spray Jet <img src='productpic/ps_30091461830038.jpg' /><br>Spray Jets - 0.05" Orifice with 90 Fan Spray<br /> <br /> <ul> <li> Pre-assembled from <!--{$companyname}--> Jets (GJB) and spray pattern cap (GJC) </li> <li> The pre-assembled Spray Jets produce fan-like 90-degree spray pattern. </li> <li> Conveniently used onto stake or rigid riser for various watering application. </li> <li> Specified as “GJ-05-90" (Spray Jet Base 0.05" Orifice and 90 Degree Fan Spray) </li> <li> Bases for Flow Identification (03, 04, 05, 06, 07 and 08) refer to (0.035", 0.040", 0.050", 0.060", 0.070" and 0.080" Orifice) </li> <li> Caps for Spray Pattern (90, 180, 360 and M) refer to (Quarter or Half-Circle Fan Spray, Full-Circle Hole Spray and Misting Spray) </li> <li> MOQ – 1,000 assemblies (Advanced Order Only) </li> </ul> Micro Spray Jet Micro Spray Jet Base <img src='productpic/ps_9huu1461830051.jpg' /><br><!--{$companyname}--> Jet Bases - #10-32 Thread<br /> <br /> <ul> <li> <!--{$companyname}--> Jet Bases for micro spray jet- with #10-32 Thread base </li> <li> Counter part of <!--{$companyname}--> Jet Cap (GJC) </li> <li> Code for different Orifice size and flow (@25PSI) <br /> GJB-03: 0.035" Orifice, Flow 10.5 GPH (Brown Color) <br /> GJB-04: 0.040" Orifice, Flow 13.0 GPH (Blue Color) <br /> GJB-05: 0.050" Orifice, Flow 22.0 GPH (Green Color) <br /> GJB-06: 0.060" Orifice, Flow 30.0 GPH (Red Color) <br /> GJB-07: 0.070" Orifice, Flow 35.5 GPH (Orange Color) <br /> GJB-08: 0.080" Orifice, Flow 43.5 GPH (Gray Color) </li> </ul> Micro Spray Jet Base Micro Sprayer Caps <img src='productpic/ps_7du01461830061.jpg' /><br>Global Jet Caps – Misting Spray<br /> <br /> <ul> <li> <!--{$companyname}--> Jet Caps with Misting Spray </li> <li> Caps could be assembled with <!--{$companyname}--> Jets (GJB) or Adjustable Jets (VAJT) </li> <li> The Misting Spray is ideal for hanging baskets, delicate plants and greenhouses </li> <li> Choices of various spray patterns are available: <br /> - 90-degree fan spray for corner coverage (our part no. GJC-90) <br /> - 180-degree fan spray for border or edge spray (our part no. GJC-180) <br /> - 360-degree finger spray for general coverage (our part no. GJC-360) <br /> - Misting spray for hanging basket and greenhouse application (our part no.. GJC-M) </li> <li> With different configuration of 90 degree Fan Spray (our part No. GJC-90), 180 Degree Fan Spray (our part No. GJC-180), 360 Degree Hole Spray (our part No GJC-360), and Misting Spray (GJC-M) </li> </ul> Micro Sprayer Caps Drip Sprayers <img src='productpic/ps_484a1461830074.jpg' /><br>Down-spray Jet<br /> <br /> <ul> <li> Down-spray Jet 0.05" Orifice – with #10-32 Thread base </li> <li> Minimize the impact from wind. </li> <li> The Down-spray Jet gives an even watering distribution across the wetting area. </li> <li> Commonly used on nursery and large tree box application. </li> <li> Color-Coded nozzles for different Orifice and flow configurations. <br /> DJ-03: 0.03" Orifice, 10.5 GPH at 25 PSI <br /> DJ-04: 0.04" Orifice, 13.0 GPH at 25 PSI <br /> DJ-05: 0.05" Orifice, 22.0 GPH at 25 PSI <br /> DJ-05: 0.06" Orifice, 30.0 GPH at 25 PSI </li> <li> Performance on our rigid risers as below <br /> - 35" Diameter on RR12-6 (18" above ground) <br /> - 30" Diameter on RR8-6 (14" above ground) <br /> - 20" Diameter on RR6-6 (12" above ground) </li> </ul> Drip Sprayers Sprayer Jets <img src='productpic/ps_3a1461830084.jpg' /><br>Frame Spray Jet<br /> <br /> <ul> <li> Frame Spray Jet 0.04" Orifice, 16 Stream – Quick Thread with #10-32 Thread base </li> <li> Suitable for orchards, vineyards, and horticultural crops. </li> <li> Quick thread base makes installation even easier. </li> <li> 360-degree Frame Spray Jet distributes water evenly with a wide coverage area. </li> <li> Various patterns, trajectories, and with 0.035", 0.040", and 0.050" orifice configurations are available. <br /> √ 12 stream (High/low) – Pattern A: FSJ-03-A, FSJ-04-A, FSJ-05-A/ 15-25 FT <br /> √ Butterfly – Pattern B: FSJ-03-B, FSJ-04-B, FSJ-05-B/ 10-12 FT <br /> √ 16 stream – Pattern E: FSJ-03-E, FSJ-04-E, FSJ-05-E/ 14-22 FT </li> <li> Water discharge at 25 PSI <br /> FSJ-03-A/B/E: 10.5 GPH <br /> FSJ-04-A/B/E: 13.0 GPH <br /> FSJ-05-A/B/E: 22 GPH </li> <li> No moving part design makes it a low maintenance choice. </li> </ul> Sprayer Jets Micro Sprinkler <img src='productpic/ps_kiz11458553287.jpg' /><br>Micro-Spinners with #10-32 Threaded Base<br /> <br /> <ul> <li> Standard #10-32 thread for easy installing into rigid risers, tubing, or our 12" stake (Part No: 2014) </li> <li> Sharp and self-punching inlet. </li> <li> Applications: Landscape areas, nurseries and horticultural application. </li> <li> Flow: 22.5-33.0 GPH (@15-30 PSI) / Diameter: 23-27 feet (Tested 0.65 feet above ground). </li> <li> Micro-spinner: 0.060" Orifice, Red nozzle. </li> <li> Available in 6 color coded nozzles (from 0.035" to 0.080") for easy identification of flow rates and diameters. <br /> MST-03 (Brown)/0.035" Orifice, 10.0 GPH flow rate @ 25PSI, 18 FT Diameter <br /> MST-04 (Blue)/0.04" Orifice, 12.0 GPH flow rate @ 25 PSI, 18 FT Diameter <br /> MST-05 (Green)/0.05" Orifice, 19.5 GPH flow rate @ 25 PSI, 20 FT Diameter <br /> MST-06 (Red)/0.06" Orifice, 24.6 GPH flow rate @ 25 PSI, 28 FT Diameter <br /> MST-07 (Orange)/0.07" Orifice, 31.0 GPH flow rate @ 25 PSI, 30 FT Diameter <br /> MST-08 (Gray)/ 0.08" Orifice, 36.3 GPH flow rate @ 25 PSI, 31 FT Diameter </li> <li> Bag qty: 100, Case qty: 2500 </li> <li> Inverted version (MST-06 FLAT) for overhead greenhouse installation is available upon special order. </li> </ul> Micro Sprinkler Micro Sprinklers <img src='productpic/ps_tkk31458553294.jpg' /><br>Adjustable Micro-Spinners<br /> <br /> <ul> <li> Full-Circle water coverage. </li> <li> Convenient shut-off knob allows adjusting water flow and coverage (Also allows complete shut-off operation). </li> <li> #10-32 Thread for installing to rigid riser and micro adapter connecting to </li> <li> PVC Riser (Our Product No. 2411). </li> <li> Durable with good water distribution uniformilty. </li> <li> Applications: Ideal for large landscape areas, home gardens, nurseries and horticultural applications. </li> <li> Color: black </li> <li> Orifice size: 0.06" max </li> <li> Flow: adjustable 0-26.5 GPH (0-100 LPH) </li> <li> Diameter: adjustable 0-24 feet @ 25 PSI </li> <li> Base type: #10-32 thread </li> <li> Bag qty: 100 </li> <li> Case qty: 2000 </li> <li> Inverted version (AST-06 FLAT) for overhead nursery watering is available upon special order. </li> </ul> Micro Sprinklers Micro Sprinkler Heads <img src='productpic/ps_162c1458553308.jpg' /><br>Mini-Spinner Sprinklers with 3/8" NPT Thread<br /> <br /> <ul> <li> 0.078" Nozzle and 3/8" Male NPT Threaded Mini Spinner- Blue </li> <li> 3/8" MPT Inlet for easy installation on risers and stakes (Our Stake Part No.2038) </li> <li> Mini sprinkler uses a moving part to distribute the water over an area. </li> <li> Low trajectory and large droplet to provide good uniform water application for large beds and/or area where wider range watering is desired. </li> <li> Ideal for under tree and overhead irrigation and orchard installation. </li> <li> Optional deflector provided. Remove the spinner and insert the break-off deflector disc to create a smaller spray coverage for younger tree. </li> <li> Anti-insect dust-proof spinner retracts to protect nozzle when not in operation. </li> <li> Flow: 29.7 GPH @25 PSI, Diameter: 33.0 feet @25 PSI </li> <li> Bag qty: 100 / Case qty: 2000 </li> <li> Available in 8 color coded nozzles (from 0.039" to 0.099" orifice) to easy identify different flow rates. </li> </ul> Micro Sprinkler Heads Micro Irrigation Sprinkler <img src='productpic/ps_f19n1458553322.jpg' /><br>Mini Sprinklers with 1/2" Male NPT Thread<br /> <br /> <ul> <li> 1/2" NPT Thread Mini Spinner with 0.099" Nozzle- Red </li> <li> Easy installation to risers with 1/2" FPT coupler (Our product No. 1074) or as suspension from trellis wire. </li> <li> Applications: for large area landscape areas, nurseries and horticultural. </li> <li> Spray deflector tab could be detached and inserted into the top hole to replace the spinner for younger tree watering without changing PVC Piping Systems.<br /> (Save spinner to revert back in future ) </li> <li> Flow: 54.7 GPH / Diameter: 37.0 feet @25 PSI </li> <li> Bag qty: 100 / Case qty: 2000 </li> <li> Available in 8 color coded nozzles (from 0.039" to 0.099") to easy identify different spray diameter (from 20.2 to 37.0 FT) </li> </ul> Micro Irrigation Sprinkler